May 18th – Travel Day

Published: May 23rd 2015
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Today we set off on our 4th trip to Germany for the wedding of Elena, Brian's cousin. This time we are adding on a short Switzerland trip to see a new spot in the world. We dropped off our dogs at their fancy suite at the kennel and headed to the airport. We were flying from Washington Dulles to Newark and then to Frankfurt. We started our trip with no drama. We took turns walking around the airport to get our “steps” for the day. As you’ll see, our lives are now ruled by these little bracelets that scold us when we don’t make our daily walking goal. We have to find ways to walk about 5 miles a day. We got a few strange looks but we just kept walking in circles. The excitement started when flights to Newark started delaying due to thunderstorms. It looked like we were going to miss the Germany flight and there weren't a lot of choices. Luckily Brian was paying attention and we zoomed quickly to Customer Service. The nice fellow went “clickety clack” and got us on a non-stop leaving directly from Dulles to Frankfurt. He even got us Economy Plus seats. We couldn't sit together but were just happy to be on our way. This worked out much better and we landed a few hours ahead of schedule. Brian liked that. We also adjusted our Switzerland dates due to bad weather and will visit with family first, go the Switzerland, and then come back for the big wedding.


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