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September 10th 2012
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I am learning new words today. Da means yes, Ausfarht: Exit, Einsfarht, Entry. I kept seeing what I thought were the exits named for a town called Ausfarht and I nievely thought it meant the name of the town. Shhhhhesh.

Ausfarht (fart) Lol They use a lotta dirty words here I think. Last time I was here they had a bus company name called "fucker" now they changed it to fuecker because they were getting a bad rap. Well, Duh. Lol....

First stop, Chinese buffet. ????? I know, I know, I caved in. Sigh......Not as many choices as I hoped but it was fun watching Asians speak German. Ha Ha Ha...

Off we went to Dusseldorf to play in the stores. Bernd and I went to the IT stores and the girls hit the clothing shops. While I was in one of the IT stores looking around Bernd was shooing me out. unbeknownst to him I hadn't paid for the SD cards that I had in my hand and as I passed a guard, he was looking at me funny and then I realised I hadn't paid. I quickly turned back into the store and gave the guard a crazy sign and pointed towards the direction of Bernd. lol

We met together at 4PM for drinks then went off again for 530PM. The boys stopped at an outside beer garden where you stand up at a table and they bring the beer automatically. You do not order beer because there is only one kind and thats all they serve. If you ask for something else they get upset and give you a dirty face. We stuck to beer. They also serve food like Dim Sum. When they come round you take it or not. They gave us a naked hamburger, then came around and gave us a HUGE pickle.

Bernd and I decided to walk off the excess fat accumulated in our bodies before heading back , but we had an idea.

We figured we would meet the girls in a bicycle rickshaw. To do this we had to leave late so they would be waiting for us or so we thought. To our dismay they were later than us! DARN! We ended up being there earlier than them. They missed the show. It was funny and we both were laughing all the way to the rendez-vous.

After we met up we headed back for a supper with Bernds mom. We had an unusual beef dish which was rolled up in bacon. We finished off the supper with Gelato and Prune cake. Did I mention that I started FARHTING after I got back.


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14th September 2012

Its Ja, not Da. Its Einfahrt, not Einfarht, same for Ausfahrt. You cant even read the letters correctly?
15th September 2012

That sure doesn't look like you!

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