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June 14th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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Sunday, June 14th:
We’re off on another trip - this time to Germany. All started well as we headed to the airport in the evening. The dogs and cat (Griffin, Skye and Dixie) were all safe and sound with a Pet Sitter room-mate back home. Brian grabbed some running shoes on the way to the airport (really hideous silver, orange and blue - Florida Gator colors! - what do you expect from 15 minutes shopping). He said we’ll have to run and exercise to cancel out all the great German food we’ll be eating. We got to the airport in plenty of time and that was a good thing - United had some real process problems with international check in - Brian had to tell Amy to MYOB because she wanted to jump in and try and fix things. The airplane boarded on time but then ran into a snag. After the plane was “full”, one family was left standing, mom, dad and three or four kids all wanted to sit together but they had seats spread all over the plane. The flight attendants got increasingly irate. After much “communication”, there seemed to be consensus that we had more people than seats. They started trying to move people around to figure it out. Picture musical chairs. They would send someone to a seat and the person would say “Are you sure you want me to sit there?” They would huff, “Yes! Sit down, we need to leave!” and the person would say, “well, there’s a little girl sitting here!”. This went on for an hour. Dad would down and the mom would pop up. We actually thought someone was going to be removed. Finally it worked out. When the mom sat down for the last time, the airplane erupted in applause and we were off.


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