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June 15th 2009
Published: June 16th 2009
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Amy's New HairAmy's New HairAmy's New Hair

Now you will all recognize Amy when she comes home.
Monday, June 15th:
We arrived in Frankfurt around lunch time on Monday. We were greeted at the airport by Brian’s cousins, Karin and Roland, who were very nice to drive us to Aunt Eva’s in Ludwigshafen. We saw German rain for the first time. Here are some pictures of the family and Eva’s garden and one of Amy so you can all see her new hair. This is for those of you who never recognize her (you know who you are, Mike Neer!). It’s kind of a demented red-headed Cleopatra look. In fact Jerry is calling her, “Cleo.” This haircut, too, shall pass.

Everyone decided to take a little nap and we decided to walk around and explore. This was how we got lost the last time we visited years ago so we decided to be very cautious. We successfully made a big loop of the neighborhood and found our way back. We had left the door cracked a little (it locked from the inside) so we could get back in without disturbing anyone but someone shut it. It seemed everyone was still napping so we decided to walk around some more. We were more brave this time and struck
Aunt Eva Welcomes FamilyAunt Eva Welcomes FamilyAunt Eva Welcomes Family

Some sparkling wine to celebrate the visit
out farther. Bad Move! Very quickly, we ended up on some streets that looked the same but we had no idea where we were. We wandered for a while and lucked back onto the right street from the opposite way we thought. It still seemed quite inside the house so we looked for another way in. We also ate some cherries off Eva’s tree in the front yard. Apparently, we must have looked like cherry-stealing house burglars because the neighbor came over to confront us. Of course, we couldn’t understand a word he said and vice-versa. Brian frantically knocked on the door and Aunt Eva came to rescue us. Decided never to leave alone again!

We had a nice happy hour and Brian’s other cousins, Britta and Osse, came for dinner. As expected, lots of food - wonderful homemade Knudel soup, fresh strawberries with whipped cream, baked chicken, salad, bread, chocolate, some nice sparkling wine to celebrate, and some halbtrocken (semi dry) Riesling - all excellent. Maybe Amy should have got some running shoes too! Everyone Skyped with Uncle Hans in California (these ladies are high tech!) and then off to bed.

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Britta Osse AmyBritta Osse Amy
Britta Osse Amy

Cousins at Dinner

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