Losing My Virginity: Part III

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May 13th 2008
Published: July 25th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Any experience, anytime, anyplace. Just show up. I went places and tried things I never have before. Berliners have a way of making you feel comfortable with dropping your American cool and just joining in the fun. You can become anyone. Just follow some basic rules of organization, engineering and privacy and you're fine.

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papers, please?papers, please?
papers, please?

wanna be a dogsitter? forget references, just stick up your name and number and a promise of canine love. i got to spend 3 days with this handsome man. baskerette of the hounds. i strolled the hip streets of prenzlauerberg as chic dog-owner. sizzle.
spoke the hubspoke the hub
spoke the hub

never danced before? wanna roll a quarter down your belly? no prob. arms wide open, dance instructors and fellow students brought me right in...this is a major international arts complex in the heart of Berlin...aaaah, Berlin.
drunken sailorsdrunken sailors
drunken sailors

2 piratesses...asea with 2 complete strangers in treptower park. somehow, i trust 2 (drunk) german men on a rowboat more than 2 (sober) new yorkers on a central park paddleboat

flax seed. up-close and personal. right in the farmer's market. germans don't joke around with food.
have trouble finding jeans?have trouble finding jeans?
have trouble finding jeans?

well, can't help u there, BUT, you can buy yoga mats off the bulk...choose your roll color, and the store attendants will measure you and snip off just your size mat. LOVE IT.
birthday suitsbirthday suits
birthday suits

well, was a pretty painless first on this one: sharing the (required) in-the-nude sauna with a 70-year-old man. conversation flowed.
her little groupher little group
her little group

my friend got me tickets to see her "little group" otherwise known as the berlin philharmonic perform! security aside, we waltzed across stage to our VIP seats and then ducked behind stage and mingled afterwards. everything is just so accessible compared to manhattan glitz...
prehensile rulesprehensile rules
prehensile rules

for all of their order, the germans can be surprisingly lax...i got to march right into the camel pasture. blubbering babies. no mister US customs officer, haven't been near a farm. man, i need more camels in my life. and what's better than a German camel to boot?! farewell Berlin...

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