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November 6th 2007
Published: November 14th 2007
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Our Trip to Germany

We're here!!We're here!!We're here!!

We absolutely looked like Sanford and Sons driving up to the airport in Atlanta and again while we were waiting for the bus in Frankfurt.
Well, we're finally here!! The flight was pretty good. It would have been perfect had it not been for the screaming kid in the row behind us. He didn't scream the entire time, but when he wasn't screaming (and actually even when he was!) he was kicking Andrea's seat. Grrrr. What a pain!!! Anyway, we arrived this morning in Frankfurt with 3 checked items, 3 carry-ons, a cat under the seat, and a dog under the plane. Boy did we call a little attention to ourselves wandering through the airport!! We had to wait for another bus (our luggage and dog crate didn't fit in the cargo space of the bus!!) and we were on our way to check in. That process took about 2 hours or so and then we boarded another bus to Schweinfurt. Poor Inmate had to ride under the bus again, but this time I was able to sneak Mitties onto the bus with me!! (It's illegal in Germany to have pets riding in the bus with the humans).

So now we're in temporary housing while we look for a place to rent. Innie and Mitties like it here (although Innie isn't too pleased that his
Riding the bus into SchweinfurtRiding the bus into SchweinfurtRiding the bus into Schweinfurt

Don't we look pooped?!? It was actually only about noon!!
feet are ALWAYS wet outside!!!) Mitties has been "haunting" our new place; a sure sign that he's content!!

We're glad to be here and start the process of learning our way around, taking our driving tests, and finding a place to live. There's so much to do!!

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Bavarian CountrysideBavarian Countryside
Bavarian Countryside

Everything is so green!!

14th November 2007

The Adventures Begin!
I'm so excited to see more photos and get all the updates. And, I have to say, the screaming kids video has me absolutely laughing out loud. (Talk about a "rude awakening"...) Hope I'm still laughing in April!
14th November 2007

Glad you're here!
You're picture at the airport looks eerily like ours lol. I'm so glad you guys made it and without any major problems. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? If you don't have any plans and you're able to make it out here you're welcome to spend it with us!!

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