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October 27th 2007
Published: October 27th 2007
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There's Nothing Left!There's Nothing Left!There's Nothing Left!

Our empty apartment.
Ok, so it's finally all falling into place. We had movers packing our apartment on Thursday and on Friday they loaded it all up and took it away. We were left with an empty apartment and still no travel plans!! That changed within a few hours, when we found out we did in fact have seats on a flight to Germany. Mittens and Inmate also have their places reserved, so we can breathe easy knowing that we can all get on the same flight. There were hardly any seats left though so the only two together were somewhere in the middle of the plane. Bummer. Could be worse though!!

We thought we'd 'rough it' and sleep in our sleeping bags in our empty apartment until it was time to head to Atlanta. In theory, the idea sounds great. However...hard wood floors are not so nice to sleep on, so we promptly booked our remaining nights in a hotel. Plus, it was really boring in the apartment! Not only was there no where to sit, but sometime Friday afternoon our internet connection was lost. We had to do something to pass the time! So Inmate and Romas were playing a game of Simon Says, while Mittens was getting high on his "kitty crack" (as Romas likes to refer to it!!) He is a huge fan of catnip and can amuse himself for hours rolling around on the floor and running laps through the apartment.

Red Sox/Rockies World Series game 3. Inmate wants to be cool and drink beer while watching. Don't touch his Red Stripe!!! Unfortunately, we've found out something about Innie: He's a lush like his dad and a light-weight like his mom!! No more beer for him for a while!!

Tomorrow we'll relax and do the usual: Smoky Bones for nachos and burgers while we watch the Pats and Jets win and lose respectively. This week we have a few loose ends to tie up, one car to sell, one car to ship, and some laundry to do before we repack our bags and head out next week. This week will be a piece of cake compared to the last couple! We're looking forward to our trip!! 😊

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Simon Says...Simon Says...
Simon Says...

Inmate and Romas keep themselves amused with absolutely nothing else to do!

31st October 2007

Have a safe trip!
I can't wait to read about all of your adventures in Germany... Keep in touch!

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