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May 16th 2015
Published: May 16th 2015
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Just when you think things can't get any nicer, we dock in Wurzburg, Germany. It was 85% destroyed in WWII, so we expected a lot of modern buildings. We're we ever wrong!

First of all, the city has been rebuilt and updated but done in a way that is more consistent with it's heritage. The streets in the City Centre are narrow and many are for pedestrians only. This particular Saturday is part of a German holiday weekend, and the weather was perfect, so the crowds were very large. Like most of Europe, there are lots of small outdoor cafes/bars (bruhausbars), many hidden down small pedestrian alleys. Today, all were filled with very happy people of all ages. Bowen and I had lunch in one and thoroughly enjoyed our traditional German food: bratwurst, sauerbraten, potato dumplings and red cabbage. Of course, the meal was accompanied by some local beer and wine. Delicious!

The beautiful Cathedral of Wurzburg had some very unusual carvings across the entire ceiling. The bright white beauty of the stucco was contrasted with some very ornate gold carvings on the altar and on several statues along the sides of the cathedral. Lovely!

However, the biggest surprise was the Bishop's Residence, one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Built in the 1700s for the Prince/Bishop, it reminded me of the Palace of Versailles in its opulence and beauty. It was nearly destroyed in a fire in 1945 but has been restored fully and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unfortunately, they would not allow photos, but I'll definitely go back to their website to see and learn more. It was spectacular!

All in all this was a wonderful way to spend our 45th wedding anniversary!


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