BLT Day #24: Smoke gets in your beer...

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May 17th 2015
Published: May 17th 2015
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At the end of every day, Bowen and I are amazed that we can be this relaxed and thoroughly happy. Today, I realized that for the first time in a LONG time I wasn't planning for, worrying about or even thinking about tomorrow. I am so grateful to God that our families are doing well right now and that we have been blessed with this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We're also amazed that every day brings new surprises, regardless of where we dock. Today, we were in Bamberg, a city of 75,000 which is another German city not bombed during WWII. Each of the cities we've visited have unique beauty and characteristics. One of Bamberg's claim to fame is their "rauchbier" which literally means "smoked beer." Several hundred years ago, all Brewers' malt was dried over open fires, giving it a smokey taste. When other drying methods evolved, Bamberg maintained its smoked processing. Drinking a smoked beer is a little like drinkong bacon. The first taste is shocking, but it is actually quite flavorful - especially with a fresh-baked soft prerzel.

The other interesting part of today is that we left the Main River and entered the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, 106 miles of canals which creat a continuous trans-European water passage through 11 countries and 2 time zones. While it took 30 years to build (completed in 1992), the ruler Charlemagne actually generated the idea in 793 (Not 1793). We started our cruise below sea level in Amsterdam. In the next day we will go through several locks that take us up to 1330 ft ABOVE sea level. Then we will begin our journey on the Beautiful Blue Danube! But I'm not thinking about that yet...


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