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June 28th 2010
Published: July 4th 2010
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Last night I got talking to a mother and daughter who were from Hamburg. We ended up playing Rumikue or whatever it is called. It is a games we use to play all the time as kids. The little girl Zoe kicked out asses three times in a row.

I got the train at 8:31 this morning and exchanged train three times before getting to Rothenburg ob de tauber at 12:30. I started walking the direction I thought was the right way, I even asked a few locals and no one knew where this hostel was. Some one finally pointed me in the direction of the tourist office. Rothenburg is layed out so that is looks noramal when you first arrive but then you get to the center of the city and go through the old city walls and BAM you are taking back to the mideval times. I fianlly made it to my hostel but had to wait for an hour up the reception opened arg I am sweaty and tired and I have to wait almost an hour. Once I actally get booked in I set out on the hunt for some food. I stopped into alot of small shops along the way, I could have spent so much money in this town, it has my kind of taste. I found a cute little resturant that had a beer garden in the back away from the crowd. After being on the train for so long a little peace and quite was nice. I had a beer that is called Radlar which is mixed with lemonade, and for dinner I ordered a trio of meat that was pork, beef and bacon, there was also salad and a large bowl of fries. I was so stuffed after I was finished but I still have room for dessert. I had this german dessert called Schneeballs which look alot better then they taste.

One thing I am not to fond of German is their bottled stuff. Everything is carbonated, even their water and apple juice. It is gross and I just want a plain bottle of water please.

I wandered around the town for abit and went to a castle garden which was really pretty. It was a very hot day so I had to get me some ice cream. It was the best ice cream sundea thingy I have ever had. I had 5 different types of fruit ice cream and chopped fruit, there was whipped cream, sauces and 2 waffers.

At 8:00pm the night watchman came out and did a small tour of the town. He did a really good job, fuuny and very entertaining. After the tour I made my way back to the hostel since I had to be up at 6:00am to catch the train to Frieburg.

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trio of meattrio of meat
trio of meat

Ha dad I beat you, My came out on three plates. One

5th July 2010

Three plates of food = YUM..

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