Ah my castle had been bombed

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June 29th 2010
Published: July 4th 2010
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I caught the train at 6:58 am, I almost missed it because I missed a turn and had to double back. I made all my connections thank fully and pulled unto Bleibach at 12:32pm where I saw the whole Clark family waiting for me. We went to thier house so we could figure out our next move. My room is thier livingroom but with a door, it has a huge couch that you can decided which way to lay. I had a roommate in that room, it was an Igauna, who had a floor to ceiling cage. They also have four cats which one is called Zombie because we they think he is 16 years old but are not sure and he is losing hair and just zombies around the house.
They have a daughter named Danielle who is so sweet and cute. I wish there was not that lanuage barrier between us because it would have nioce to have a conversation with her or to understand the rant she was saying to me.
Our decicion was to drive up a mountian that is in the black forest then head to castle ruins. We made our way up the winding road in my first ride in a Euoprean car that was a french car. When we finally made it too the top the car had to have been dizzy and we were mean to it beause we did not stay at the top long because a storm was coming with thunder and lighting so it was not a good place to be on top of a mountian. So we made out way back down the winding road. The castle ruins that we went to was very neat. Jerry asked is we wanted to go underground, hell yeah I wanted to, we found the stairway that lead underground. Underground my ass Jerry, once you made it to the bottom of the stairs you walk 5 feet before you are back outside again.
On the way home we drove on teh autobahn where Jerry got the car up to 170 km/h WOOHOO. We stopped at a local meat shop to pick up a few things for breakfast. Jerry bought some blood sausage that I could try as well as a smoked wold boar sausage to eat on the ride home. It was very good but very fatty.

At the house they made supper which was BBQ curry chicken, little wieners wrapped in bacan, pork and garlic bread.
Jerry had to work that night (He's a cop) so Pam and I decided that we will go play mini golf. But when we we got there, the guy running the place said he didn't feel like working anymore and was closing early, How Gay. Instead we walked around abit and had ice cream.

(I will finish text later, enjoy the pics)

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5th July 2010

Was the iguana big enough to ride? (Yes, it's a figure of speech for those who think I'm being serious..) What do you mean your castle was bombed?
5th July 2010

I went to a castle ruin and joking that it was my castle and it was bombed when I was away teehee

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