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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest May 29th 2011

So, after the hotel we went to Germany, which conveniently enough is 5 minutes away. Tim's Uncle Andy and Aunt Sylvia had planned to cook out for Tim, me, and the gang. Andy and Sylvia are the parents of Valerie and Nadine. Valerie is married to Toby; and Nadine is with Michael. (pronounced me-shell) Tim and I kicked it with them on night 1 - more about that later. Anyways, they cooked up one hell of a meal for us. Meat, potatoes, and salad. Toby cooked the meat and nailed it, we had chicken, bratwurst, chicken kabobs, sausage, and bacon. It was definitely to much to eat, but he did such a great job that no one could stop. The salad was perfect as well. It was lettuce, mushrooms, and krauter dressing which I can't really ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest April 11th 2011

The birthplace of Jane's grandfather - beautiful Baden-Baden in the Schwarzwald.... read more
Mummelsee in the Black Forest
Hiking in the Black Forest
because it's there ...

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest June 29th 2010

I caught the train at 6:58 am, I almost missed it because I missed a turn and had to double back. I made all my connections thank fully and pulled unto Bleibach at 12:32pm where I saw the whole Clark family waiting for me. We went to thier house so we could figure out our next move. My room is thier livingroom but with a door, it has a huge couch that you can decided which way to lay. I had a roommate in that room, it was an Igauna, who had a floor to ceiling cage. They also have four cats which one is called Zombie because we they think he is 16 years old but are not sure and he is losing hair and just zombies around the house. They have a daughter named ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest February 25th 2010

Thursday 25.2.2010 day 135 Black forest - Germany We drove from Luxembourg to the black frost in Germany and unexpectedly our sat nav took us though France to get there. We sawfantastic country side and drove though lots of the Black Forest. We drove to the town of Triberg name due to the 3 mountains (burgs) that surround it. It is a picturesque town. There are lots of cuckoo clock shops in the town and even houses that are cuckoo clocks, said to be the largest cuckoo clocks in the world. The black forest gets it’s name from the dark canopy of evergreens and it is 160km by 50km and it is were fairy tails are made. We are staying in Schitach said to be the prettiest town in the black forest. ... read more
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg 324
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg 330
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg 344

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest January 29th 2010

Nick has been excited about skiing since we knew we were coming to Germany. So, this was his weekend. He loves skiing! I on the other hand have never been skiing and was slightly scared to try it. We went through the Outdoor Rec on base to rent ski's, boots, and poles. The rest of the gear we ordered online a few weeks earlier. Our journey began early friday morning. Unfortunately we didnt take into account the snow that fell overnight so it was after 6am by the time we left the Kulinarium. The roads weren't too bad but still slowed us down a little bit. We were heading to small ski resort area known as Feldberg. It took us far too long to get up the mountain due to the winding roads, slow traffic, and ... read more
ski trip 015
the snow after skiing

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest November 30th 2009

We arrived in Frankfurt, November 18th after a very pleasant, nine hour plane ride from Calgary. A little tired, but ready to experience family, friends and some good Black Forest cooking. After 1 day of re-coop and sleep we were in the thick of a 70th birthday celebration, Weiden style. By 10 am Haus Gisela was full to the rafters with neighbours and friends come to wish Lucas’ sister Gisela, a Happy Birthday. Café and kuchen (cake) Gisela style.! The traffic didn’t stop until late afternoon when we pulled ourselves together and headed to a local hotel for dinner for 40. The entire Stiefvater and Behringer clan was there to celebrate Gisela’s big day. Friday night, we ate, we drank and we danced to a one man band. It was great fun. The fun continued ... read more
Classic Weiden
The Birthday Girl
Chef Felix with the Beer Chicken

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest November 26th 2009

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Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest October 10th 2009

Today I went for a walk around in the old city in Freiburg, and after that I went with my hosts to the Black Forest. I climbed the munster (the big cathedral here), and happened to be inside the bell tower at exactly 10:00. When the bells started ringing, it was pretty loud. Then we went for a walk around town, and went up the Schlossberg - the hill overlooking most of Freiburg. After that we went for a drive in the black forest (the weather is pretty bad now, so we didn't go for a hike), and we even stopped in a nice place, and had some black forest cake. And now - pictures.... read more
War Memorial on Schlossberg
The Black Forest
More Black Forest

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest September 24th 2009

We are starting to notice autumn creeping up on us with the deciduous trees on the other side of the valley from our apartment turning golden yellow. We shall try and find a trail or two in the forest area that surrounds Bad Peterstal and take a walk in the Black Forest. After a leisurely breakfast and doing some more washing(it dries so quickly on our sunny terrace)we drove down the hill and parked RR with the idea of walking up the main road to the information centre to see if they had details and maps of local walks in the Black Forest. Before we started walking we also tried to see if we could log into an internet connection in the town as there was supposed to be a hotspot although we didn't know if ... read more
Downtown Bad Peterstal
The spring and pool in the forest clearing on our walk
The view from our walk across the valley to our apartment

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest September 23rd 2009

Wednesday 23rd September A day in Strasbourg,France We enjoyed a bit of a lie in this morning as we plan a trip to Strasbourg,France which is about 40km away and have just a bit of washing to do before we head out for the day. A fog had come down into the valley overnight but as we arose the sun was doing its best to disperse it and it looks as though it will be another beautifully sunny day. As part of the supermarket shopping yesterday we bought a packet of speck(German bacon)to have with poached eggs.The speck looked like it had been sliced but upon opening the vacumn pack we discovered that it was still all in one piece a bit like a steak.The knives in the drawer all looked brand new and sharp so ... read more
Old city canal,Strasbourg
Central square,Strasbourg
Strasbourg cathedral

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