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June 30th 2016
Published: June 30th 2016
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Yes, you can surf in Munich, and I don't mean on the WWW. There's a point where one channel of the Isar comes running out of a tunnel and creates a standing wave. When I stumbled on it today there were 6 or 7 people in wetsuits taking turns surfing on it. The best ones were able to stay up for several passes back and forth across the wave before bailing.

This welcome break came in the middle of a day devoted to museums. Man, does Munich have a lot of great museums! It helps that the city was the capital of a large, wealthy kingdom for several hundred years. The Wittelsbachs, the royal family, loved to build huge buildings to house all the goodies they bought or were "given".

I'm back on my own for a couple of days, having seen Dave off home to Toronto, so there's no one to restrain my museophilia. Tomorrow, before I catch the night train North, it's the Old and New Glyptotheks where the Wittelsbachs sent their Old Masters (and their New ones, I suppose).


1st July 2016

reminds me of the standing wave on the St. Lawrence in Montreal
PS I just subscribed to receive notifications to your posts so I'm looking forward to becoming a regular reader.
1st July 2016

Surfers in Montreal?
Were there any surfers on that wave, Willy?

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