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April 12th 2012
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Please read on if you fancy reading some deep thoughts or as Michelle put it "what kind of nonsense are you talking", but before all that I'll tell you how we got to that point........ My first impressions of Munich were of great joy and for a very simple reason. The great people of Munich know how to use an escalator. Somewhere along the line the unwritten rules (written in some places) got ... Read Full Entry

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17th April 2012

Escalator rage
Hey mate, nice blog entry! Never been to the Deutsches Museum myself, but it looks like a fun place to visit. I have to agree with the escalators, to me it's one of the most infuriating things imaginable when people just block your path instead of doing the old 'stand right, walk left'. And when you want to pass and tap them on the shoulder, sometimes they turn around and look at you weird. WTF? Just get out of my way and stop wasting my time. Here in East Germany it's even worse. They think they have a right to stand there, and don't see why they should let you pass. By the way, the correct word to use is 'Entschuldigung' or 'Entschuldigen Sie, bitte' (which is more polite), but 'Entschuldigen' on its own doesn't work, except as a verb, with a small 'e' at the beginning, then it means 'to excuse'. Sorry to be so German about that :) Cheers, Jens
17th April 2012

Cheers mate! Fixed that. Don't know how I got it wrong. I must say it 100 times a day in my job. My escalator rage stems from working in a shop with 18 or so escalators!

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