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July 3rd 2010
Published: July 13th 2010
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The homesick thing was hitting me hard the last 2 days. I did some thinking and decided not to go to Italy and Greece. I think it would make me really sad being in such romantic beautiful places without Aaron, as well I think it would be way to hot for me there during this time of year, it would be better to come back in the spring or fall. I have not yet decided what I am going to do with the extra days yet so where I end up with be a suprise to you as will be to me.
I got on the train to Fussen feeling alittle sad and discouraged. Once the train got close to Fussen my spirit lifted a bit and was very glad I pushed on. Looking out the window there was these huge mountains that looked amazing, I was in the alps. I found the hostel really easy (I love when they give good direstions on the web site) and I asked if I could stay an extra night instead of just one and they said there was one last bed avalible. I meet this guy from Romania who hates his own country and tired to encourage me not to go there, but once he knew I had made up my mind that I was for sure going he showed me some neat places to check out and that I should defintly NOT go to the capital.
I made my way into the city center to find some food, I stoped at a market to get some food for tomorrow since it will be Sunday and not alot will be open. I decided on chinese tonight since it was the first place I came across and I was hungry. I ordered a chicken and veggie sweet and sour dish.
The romanian, a korean girl and I decided to check out a near by lake that evening. We had a map but for some reason it didn't help but it was okay, the romanian and I didn't mind being lost, but it sure bothered the Korean, she want to know exactly where we were at all times. We finally found the lake but only stopped to enjoy it for about 2 mins because the mosquitos were so bad.

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14th July 2010

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