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July 2nd 2010
Published: July 13th 2010
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We woke up around 10:00 am and concluded that we would head back into the city where we would walk around and just relax since it was suppose to get to 38 today. Yes it did get that hot and walking around getting drenched in sweat was not fun so we headed to a river and laided by it relxed and maybe slept abit. Once we had cooled off we headed out back into the sun. We made our way to the old sqaure where I finally was able to try weisswuerste which is a tradinal Barvaria breakfat. It is a white sauasage that you dip into a sweet mustard, very delisious I might say.

There was a tower that we could climb the many stairs and then there was another tower that you could take the elevator up for an extra .50, we choose the elevator. The view was fantastic and there was a cool breeze up there which made it hard to come down. Once we finally did come down we were just in time to see the Glockenstiel spring into action.

We meet up with a few of Maren's friends, then we headed to this huge park and had a nice picnic. It was nice at first because everyone was talking to me in english but as the night went on they switched to just german and completly ignored me. It made me not want to couchsurf much anymore.
We went our own way and headed to a goth "Disco". I was sitting outside talking with one of Maren friends but he had to leave because of a friend emergency. Once he was gone I went back into the bar and saw something that made me want to laugh out loud. There were three people standing in a line doing the exact same move in unision like it was chorographed, but they did the same move over and over again. Apparently it is a Munich goth thing, it was really funny to watch, it was like they were trying out for a music video.

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14th July 2010

Goth disco? Does that mean there's Pop mosh? Or how about Folk circle pit?

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