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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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Beautiful morning - was super surprised by the great and big breakfast that's provided by the hotel - eggs, ham, prosciutto, salami, fruit lots of cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, granoly cereal and yummy breads. It's cool outside - I went for a walk to attempt to pay the guy back for the water - closed, nothing and i mean nothing is open, not even the pharmeke, which I attempted to go to two and both closed. It's perfectly quiet on the streest except for the sound of the loud church bells which seemed to last forever and my scuffling feet which makes me think i'm waking people up. Apparently up until just a couple years ago everything was also closed on Saturdays by 6pm.

I've got an hour before J gets back from the a.m. workout so I'm going to figure out my train situation - to buy an 8-day pass or to buy individual trips. Also, on the upside of things, i'm really picking up the german language since 4am this morning - I can now say yes, no, please, morning and good mornin', i can read the word for breakfast and i can count to three - and sometimes to 7 if my mind is sharp.

I''m not the shutterbug I once was but here are the few pics i've taken so far.

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