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August 10th 2013
Published: September 5th 2017
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Eiffel TowerEiffel TowerEiffel Tower

Took this picture while walking through the park to get there.
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We got up late. Too tired. We missed Segway trip but that didn't break my heart though. Haha. Then we went to the Eiffel Tower. We walked past at least 1000 people cause we got special advanced tickets...great for getting on but when we got to 2nd level elevator we were in with the 10,000 of people so we opt to just go back down,,when we got to the bottom we met our first gypsy trying to get money out of me. Al saved me from that one..we got on metro and went to mont maitre for some shopping and check out funnicular. I bought souvenirs. We then took metro back to hotel. We found a grocery store and bought dinner to eat at the park. Then back to hotel to just sleep as we were still jet lagged.


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Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

View from the 2nd deck. We had ticket to the top but not two hours of line standing time to get there.
Our hotelOur hotel
Our hotel

One block over from the Eiffel Tower. Very central to bus, metro and neighborhoods.
Mom at the parkMom at the park
Mom at the park

We're heading to the Eiffel Tower via the park right below it. Everybody hangs out here. See picture of it I took from the tower coming up.
Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

Here we are.
Me at the TowerMe at the Tower
Me at the Tower

Note my "manbag". That's what Mom calls it. It's hard to steal from it and it is small enough to carry easily.
Check out the lineCheck out the line
Check out the line

We purchased our tickets on line before we left home so no waiting for us. Went right up to the middle of the tower. Our tickets are good all the way to the top.
View of Paris from towerView of Paris from tower
View of Paris from tower

You can see the city and River Seine
Line to the topLine to the top
Line to the top

My pass got us to the middle section but to get to the top we were stuck waiting in a line that went half way around the tower. The elevator car is small. Our time is valuable to we skipped it.
The park belowThe park below
The park below

Here's where I took the picture of Mom, out at the far end. Our hotel was at the end and to the left a couple of blocks over
The river boat pierThe river boat pier
The river boat pier

Here's where we pick up the boat for the hour long boat ride. That's later. It's just below the tower.
Used clothes, anyone?Used clothes, anyone?
Used clothes, anyone?

Seems like lots off people buying this stuff, not tourists.
Shopping in MontmartreShopping in Montmartre
Shopping in Montmartre

Took the Big Red Bus here to see the area. The Moulin Rouge is here but we're here in the day. The street is Rue de Steinkerque.
A cat plateA cat plate
A cat plate

Mom shopping, as usual.
A chocolate storeA chocolate store
A chocolate store

Mom liked this store
Typical grocery store near our hotel.Typical grocery store near our hotel.
Typical grocery store near our hotel.

Mom likes fruit too. Note the prices.

12th August 2013

Wow.... sounds like your having a blast..... dinner at the park, and lots of You guys better pick up the speed and or just come home. Your using up all my inheritance money. ;-) So your first Gypsy huh.... those are eve
rywhere where I live. lol I guess I did take after Al "save my money and enjoy the experience from my own backyard". Be careful regarding those Gypsy's. They will be talking to you looking you straight in your eyes and at the same time taking your wallet. Al should always keep his wallet in his front pocket and your purse or fanny pack should always be closed and sipped at all times. In fact never shake their hands either... They are sooooo good at slipping your rings off with just a hand shake... not kidding. You won't notice it until hours later. This advise is only at a rate of 250.00 per word. I'll gladly charge one of the many credit card numbers I have from your house that are laying around . lol Glad you guys are having fun.... :-) just figured this darn tracking thing out. At first I thought you guys had not posted anything in a few days and I was just about ready to call the entire family.... lol You know me.... Anyways things are good at home so far. I'll keep you posted regarding my drama on the next e-mail round. Queenie...
14th August 2013

Mother, How do you know so much about Gypsies?!?! Im concerned... lol And Gma what kind of souvenirs did you get? I can't wait to see them! Take some pictures so I can see you and Papa! I wish I was with you guys. <3 and miss you a b

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