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August 11th 2013
Published: September 5th 2017
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Clock towerClock towerClock tower

Popular spot in Rouen.
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Up with breakfast at the hotel and out the door by 7:30am. Metro to St. Lazare station, got our ticket activated and went on the train, first class. We're big shots so few people were in our carriage. We had another mishap in Rouen.

We got to our first station. I was in the bathroom and Al only had one gentleman to ask if we were in the right station. Unfortunately, he only spoke French and I was not there. Al thought he said next station. Haha. WRONG. That was the train now we are on the training heading away from Rouen but with the luck of God stepping in, the train in front of us had engine problems and stopping our train at a "off the wall" stop. We found out there was another train coming in 12 minutes on opposite side of the tracks so we got on that train just in time to save us at least an extra hour of unnecessary travel. Rouen is the home of Joan of Arc burial site, very interesting to see. Rouen has also Notre Dome church. We walked the Main Street of Rue Jeanne D Arc. This is

A really cool town
where the walking pain begins. We walked at least 5 to 6 miles this day beginning in Rouen. Took train back to St. Lazare station..then Metro to hotel. We walked under Eiffel Tour to boat cruise on the river Seine. This is where we met a very nice French woman who befriended us as our credit card did not have proper Europe chip on it. The machines would not let us us use it. I asked her to please use her card and we would give her euros in exchange. She agreed and got us our tickets and we proceeded to get in a long line when the French woman came and got us and took us with her to the head of the line...not sure at all how or why she got head of line privilege but I was grateful.

Next we went to an outdoor cafe very popular in Paris met some people from Virginia .We had a nice French dinner, then off to bed to start another day. Internet and wifi connections are spotty at best that's why we have not sent out many updates. Sorry if you have been worried.


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Mom checking out the trainMom checking out the train
Mom checking out the train

This was a nice one and not even 1st class. On our way to Rouen France.
Town is closed on SundaysTown is closed on Sundays
Town is closed on Sundays

Well, at least the crowds are gone.
The town The town
The town

Most of this place escaped the bombings in WWII.
Along the banks of the Seine River in ParisAlong the banks of the Seine River in Paris
Along the banks of the Seine River in Paris

Taken from the boat ride. It's €13 each for an hour ride.
Along the River SeineAlong the River Seine
Along the River Seine

People just hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.
Banks of the Seine with bridgeBanks of the Seine with bridge
Banks of the Seine with bridge

One of the old bridges crossing over from the Left Bank.
Eiffel Tower from the boatEiffel Tower from the boat
Eiffel Tower from the boat

You can see one of the piers where you can get a tour boat. Ours is up just a bit.
The line to get on the boatThe line to get on the boat
The line to get on the boat

We got on first so I could get this shot. The boat was full when we left.
Getting an ice creamGetting an ice cream
Getting an ice cream

After the boat ride, I stopped for a gelato.
Eating dinner Sunday night in ParisEating dinner Sunday night in Paris
Eating dinner Sunday night in Paris

We stopped on the way back to the hotel for dinner. We met some people from the US and the daughter wouldn't shut up. At least they spoke English and took this picture for us. Nice meal. Tomorrow off to Switzerland.

12th August 2013

Another Mishap....... I thought you guys were the world travels.... Just remember " Don't take any Wooden Nickels". lol I don't want to hear all the good stuff like the food is so good or the people are so nice.... who cares... only upd
ate me on the mishaps... lol you know......The train broke down and I had to walk three miles in the snow carrying moms 50 pound luggage while mom was being drug by the snow dogs at 50 miles an hour screaming...yes these are the stories I want... Not how great the cereal is and the view from your room looks... lol ;-) love you guys Leave it to mom to still keep the family together even in France or wherever the hell you guys are now... lol I never heard from half these people as much as I do now since you've been gone. maybe you should say.... lol
12th August 2013

Lol love your comments aunt queen... I know when some part of the family goes far away brings everyone more togeher to make sure all is okay! I think we should plan a family reunion! Aunt Karen & big cheese hope all is good bring your
consuela back a souvenir lol Xoxo
13th August 2013

Just received an e-mail from Mom... All is well for them. They are having trouble with the internet where they are located. Most likely Al only wants to use the free Hotel plan and has not upgraded... lol The following e-mail was from h
er: Hon were traveling at warp speed so sleepy we end up taking 10 minutes naps all the time in different locations. Hoping to send out comments from here Internet and phone spotty at best will be here wed night so much to tell u but so little time to write. will try and send sort comments instead of everything .I keep Al alive to push the luggage up stairs down stairs he is in shape now .haha love u much hope all is ok with u...I keep all in prayers. Send out messages to pictures real hard to up load will try when we hit better Internet service love mom
14th August 2013

LOL SOOO You guys have Narcolepsy?!?! Every TEN Minutes! WOW lol This thing is awesome. I feel a part of the family again! :) I love hearing from everyone so make sure you keep posting, PLEASE!

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