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May 13th 2015
Published: June 6th 2015
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People who make things happen P and H.

I had been looking forward to meeting P. I was not disappointed.

A man with a clear idea for his business. Plus energy to make it happen, an eye for detail. He came to fetch us from Ms Fawlty’s accommodation house. Tall almost lanky and cheerful he got straight down to business. A man on a mission.

Teamed with H, a woman with a sharp mental image of what her customer wants and an internalised action plan to deliver it. Petite and sweet, showing the patience of a true people person.

When their individual efforts are amassed with their small team, the results of their efforts increase exponentially.

Now this blog is anonymous. So I do not intend naming anyone. If you know P and H you will understand what I am saying. They are too nice to allow the whole world know them via the internet.

But to illustrate how P and H deliver abundantly to the lives of those they deal with- think of a rather bland soup mixture , then add Pea and Ham. What difference that makes.

The word ENTREPRENEUR has been much sullied by an ignorant and semi illiterate press in recent decades. Often we have seen the Skases and Bonds of the world referred to as entrepreneur or maybe failed entrepreneur- when in fact the words like lazy, advantage seeking opportunist, or crook would be more correct.

A true entrepreneur is more than a manager, more like one who makes things happen. P is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word.

In a world where we turn more and more to governments to solve problems and governments regulate to remove incentives and generally neuter he efforts of go getters, we need people like P and H. To build from nothing, market the service, back the service up with good local staff, equip the fleet with new vehicles backed up with an ingenious capital plan to perpetually re invigorate and continue expansion takes intelligence as well as energy.

One of their staff told me that P is the only boss he has ever worked for who is so driven, and will act to swiftly overcome an obstacle, rather than let it delay. P works to achieve a result.


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