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August 11th 2007
Published: February 24th 2008
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The POV (purpose-of-visit) for this Europe trip.
Have only seen it on movies and TV, never dream that I'll get a chance to attend one myself.

Am very privileged to be invited by Jiahui & Antonin to attend their wedding. Wonder how the wedding will be, what people will wear, what food will be served 😊 Will it really be like in the movies?

One worrying thing. Other than bringing my dress, I have to pack in my kok kok shoes and matching handbag in my backpack. Never had to travel as a backpacker with a formal dress + heels and handbag.

Met Angster and gp at CDG airport to get a lift to Oulches. The 3+ car ride was longer than expected cos tere was a bad jam at Paris City. We stopped by a petrol kiosk to grab a bite since we prob won't be reach Oulches by dinner time. In the end, we finally made it at abt 12 midnite. Can't exactly figure out how the town looks like, feels like a small quaint town.

Next morning, we could hear the rest of the guests going down for breakfast and Antonin's family preparing at the chapel. Had a slow morning, wash up, had a sumptuous breakfast, walk around the chapel and take photos of course. Where are the rest of the guests, we wonder? Finally met Jiahui's fren who said she heading towards their house. Then we realised everyone's prob there. We quickly change out of our slippers and shorts to see the bride. Big big house, beautiful garden and the couple hand-made many wedding decor with interesting details.

Before we knew it, the groom was scheduled to fetch the bride. To fuze some chinese customs, the girls locked the bride's door and made the groom to do some challenges before he can see the bride. After some singing, haggling and laughing, he finally managed to knock down the all barriers to fetch the bride. The couple later went out for some outdoor wedding shots while the rest of the guests went back to dress up for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding started off with the "ROM". All the exchanges were in French and we were pretty amused at the bride's delayed response. The church wedding proceeded, followed up a cocktail session at Atonin's house. A lot of socialising, cling cling champagne glass and munching on yummy pastries. To fully realise the fusion wedding, a tea ceremony and "chopping" of the roasted pig (according to Cantonese customs) were held. The French looked very intrigued by the tea ceremony while the Singaporeans chuckled at how amateur Jiahui's sis was at it.

Soon after, dinner commenced. Nice decor, all by the couple's own effort. Superb menu and wine. We sat with some of their colleagues, childhood frens, hosted by Atonin's cute brother. Everything was really spontaneous. Guests burst into some folk songs, toast and tease the couple whenever they feel like. The grand finale of the day was the disco. The warehouse of their home was transformed into a disco of the 70s with live band. Wonderful ambience.

Amazing experience. Truly a fusion of Asian and French wedding culture.

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Homecooked curry and french cuisine
Wedding decorWedding decor
Wedding decor

The couple spent lotsa effort to clean the barrels to use it as cocktail tables for the wedding

Waiting for the groom to fetch her

Signing on the wedding certificate
Roasted PigRoasted Pig
Roasted Pig

A cantonese tradition but cooked in a French way.
Tea CeremonyTea Ceremony
Tea Ceremony

Serving tea to grandpa

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