Day Twenty Two- Disneyland!

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July 16th 2018
Published: July 16th 2018
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Had an amazing day at Disneyland Paris!! We headed off quite early and were there by 9:30am, and even though the park opened at 10am we were allowed on the kids carousel early (yay!).

Unfortunately at Disneyland, at least the Paris one, there are only three thrill rides, and the rest are kid friendly. So we started off with Big Thunder Mountain (roller coaster), headed to Indiana Jones and Le Temple du Peril (another roller coaster, this time with a 360 degree spin) and then at 11am discovered we were super hungry. We’d had a small breakfast at 7am of yoghurt with cereal with (I’m pretty sure) negative nutritional value (at the supermarket yesterday we bought an 8 pack of those small boxes of cereals, I think everyone knows the ones I’m talking about?). So we were pretty hungry.

On the way to get food we got lost and ended up stuck in some sort of treehouse. We eventually made our way out and had a lunch of grilled fromage et jambon sandwiches, water, and bananas. To have a lunch that wasn’t hot dogs or burgers we had to walk back through the big, beautiful Disney castle into the shopping area, so after lunch we shopped around to get some souvenirs. I just got a keychain and a pin for my jacket, and Trudi got a sweatshirt and a massive Stitch mug. I would have gotten a shirt or jumper but they were all just a lil too tacky (except the one Trudi got which was actually pretty nice, it just looked super weird on me).

After lunch we headed straight to HyperSpace Mountain, a Star Wars themed ride. This is my absolute favourite ride ever, at any theme park. We somehow managed to sit right at the front of the roller coaster, and were then plunged into darkness with Star Wars music, laser lights, laser gun shots, with sharp twists and random drops- all in the dark!!

After this one we went and did some of the family adventure rides, before heading back to HyperSpace Mountain for another spin. Although this time we had to wait in line for 40 minutes stuck behind a group of 10 twelve year olds, so afterwards we decided it was only fair to treat ourselves to some Mickey Mouse themed ice cream.

By this time it was 4pm, we’d done all the rides and did all the shopping so we decided to head back to Paris. On the train we saw something that contradicts my original comment that the stereotype about Parisians is true. A (or what we think was a) homeless woman was walking down the train, holding out a basket for people to make coin donations. One man was with his friend, his dinner in a plastic bag on his lap, and he made a coin donation. After the woman had walked past, the two men said a few words to each other, and suddenly the man jumped up, ran after her, handed her his food and came to sit back down in his spot, and they then went on with their conversation. Really contradicts my earlier comment about how the stereotypes of Parisians are true, such a lovely act of kindness.

We headed to a grocery store to get some dinner, and after our unhealthy day we really wanted something fresh and healthy. Amazingly, the grocery store we went to had a pasta and salad bar, which we definitely went a little overboard with. We grabbed some rosé and some more bits and bobs, and finally headed home at 6pm for the day.

Had our salads and rosé (in a mug because the bnb doesn’t have any wine glasses) and watched a Disney movie after being inspired by the big day at Disneyland. It’s our last full day in France tomorrow! So better get some sleep.


17th July 2018

Seriously? No wine glasses? Did you realy look everywhere or did you have a Max look?

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