A Brugge Day

Published: August 2nd 2011
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Hi again,
Today was to be a nice day but tomorrow and Thursday they say it will rain.
So today was "A Brugge Day" meaning we would go to the city of Brugge,
Belgium. It is a medieval city, a sort of Flemish Disney World. but it' the real
deal. The problem is the tourists. SO MANY! Of course not us. We have been
here before in 2000. So now we are here to take images for The Architectural Digest.
Not tourists No No! Armed with camera and map we plunge into the throngs of
humanity. Only an experienced photographer could survive. Almost killed by a taxi
and almost run down by a horse carriage, I live to tell this story.
Chocolate, lace and beer are everywhere. But waffles and mussels are the in thing..
Although not at the same time. The GPS who I call Tommy has saved us again.
this time inadvertently leading us to a free parking space and bringing us safely
back to Lichtervelde 18 miles away. I can't give away any professional secrets,
so you will have to be satisfied with some images , that I'm sure will end up in the
"Digest" Remember to enlarge the images Click on them

Additional photos below
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2nd August 2011

Lot's of brick
Great photos of all the brick houses. Keep em coming!
2nd August 2011
Medieval Bicycles

Oh my...not such a pretty sight!
2nd August 2011
How old is this door?

I don't know. Did you find out?

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