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February 14th 2010
Published: February 17th 2010
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Charlie RocketsCharlie RocketsCharlie Rockets

The bar with big-ass pool tables
A short(ish) drive through France brings us to the northwest of Belgium and to the city of Brugge. Brugge is the capital and largest city of the prvince of West Flanders in the flemish region of Belgium. But, if you think you're about to get a history lesson then think again........(and Wikipedia doesn't seem to be working!!) And, this place is gorgeous......particularly as its snowing and very very white! We head straight to a local hostel, Charlie Rockets (great place, check it out!), de-camped then did what all the great travellers of the past and present and head straight for teh bar! Yep, it's beer-o'clock!
Note to self.....Look at their faces when talking to the barmaids! Now, what colour was her hair again........???

A chat at the bar, a game of pool or 2 and a lustful stare at the rather delectable barmaid helped me get over the early morning starts and the bus journey across France. Oh, I should also mention, this is no luxurious bus but a bloody mini-bus!!!! I know I'm a shortarse but come on.....its bum-numbing to say the least! Anyway, warmed by the beer I head into the streets of Brugge to immerse myself in
Me in 3DMe in 3DMe in 3D

Me in 3D....nearly
the local culture. And boy, there some culture here......blonde, brunette........oops! Lost myself for a minute there! Anyways, a tour is required and so we decided to sign up for a tour of the city.

Jos, the tour guide, was a funny fella, TV documentary maker and an all round nice guy. Bouyed by the birth of his daughter the guy was on form as he guided us around the streets of Brugge and commented on it's history. It was snowing. Bear in mind that I had very little in warm clothes, no gloves, no hat, I was bloody freezing!!! Quick factoid: For men, coldness is measured in inches. It was 2 inches cold!
I learned nothing on that trip except, take warmer clothes in Europe in February!! Yeh, I know and I thought I had enough.....

Note to self......Go back in summertime!!

My fingers numb and my bollocks beating a hasty retreat after suffering the cobbled streets of Brugge sat astride a saddle, the guide took us to a local bar where is was warm and cosy. After thawing out near the fire I had a nice warm coffee......laced with whiskey! After the whiskey it was back
Frozen LakeFrozen LakeFrozen Lake

Frozen lake
out into the streets, say our goodbyes to Jos and head for a local restaurant for dinner. Germany tomorrow....

Additional photos below
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Horse n CartHorse n Cart
Horse n Cart

Horse and cart
Pretty riverPretty river
Pretty river

Taken on the cycle ride thru Brugge

More streets

17th February 2010

Oooooo - I do worry!
Now then young man! Sounds like you're having fun but I'm surprised at you for not taking those lovely long johns and thermal vests... the ladies still love a guy when he looks like the Michelin Man you know?! Seriously though, it looks like your trip has got off to a fantastic start - hungover, fighting with taxi drivers, cramped travelling conditions and discomfort in Brugge - you couldn't ask for a more perfect beginning! Am loving the pictures too - keep the blogs coming!! Looking forward to hearing more about your travelling companions too! Take care bruv! Bee xxx
18th February 2010

are u nearly there yet?
well dude youve been gone nearly a week now and we miss u - are u nearly there yet? - when u comin home? - ive got some tedious jobs need doin ! won 2 games of squash on tuesday against jof and then twisted my ankle ( i think he pushed me, scared i was gonna beat him, lol, as if, he did win 5) have fun cheif look forward to your next blog. whoop.
21st February 2010

Glad to see ya on the road!
I look forward to reading about your adventures now! (and someday I'll update my own) :)
23rd February 2010

lovely ladies
Hello mate, glad to see you have decided to scout the world for all the lovely ladies out there!!! Good to see you having a good time. Don't forget to try the shoes on before u buy them:-) !!!

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