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19th February 2011
Makli Hill Necropolis

Its masjid Shah-Jahan Thata A woderful Atr work!!!!
5th February 2011

Wonderful site
30th November 2010

Hi Ram Thanks for reading. Brazil was a highlight and I loved it, especially downtown Rio. Nothing like I expected and an absolute delight. I will be back someday soon. Who knows, maybe Brazil will become my home?!! Lucky you.... Thanks again. Wayne
From Blog: Brilliant Brazil
28th November 2010

I can relate
Hi Wayne! Your experience reminds me of my own. Once I was a visitor, now I am a permanent resident of Brazil. I can´t stop blogging on this beloved country at http://braziltravel-ram.blogspot.com/ Enjoy your next visit here! Ram
From Blog: Brilliant Brazil
8th October 2010

Absolutely fab blog, wow what a trip you've had, mind blowing experiences and a collection of wonderful pics & memories to cherish forever. I've just read your final entry...now I am going to have to read a proper paperback at bedtime...boring!!!!!! K xxxx:-)
From Blog: Brilliant Brazil
24th September 2010
Chitwan, Nepal

dami chha
dami weed is free in nepal so go in nepal ani moj gar
9th September 2010

Ah Jo.....of course you can. I'll give you a shout when I'm back and you can tell me all about your holidays with Chopper-Boy!! :) x
9th September 2010

Thanks Mandy and thanks for all your help :)
7th September 2010

glad t see the boys looked after you! you must make me a visit on your tour, i now want to be part of wanyers wanderings!!!
2nd September 2010

great photos
Hey Wayne, I've finally had a chance to look at your blog. Great photos!!! So happy you are enjoying your adventure! Cheers!!! Mandy
30th August 2010
Clifton Beach, Karachi

nice view... party planner in karachi
30th August 2010
Clifton Beach, Karachi

Nature veiw
nice view
28th August 2010
Makli Hill Necropolis

God what an art . . . .
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28th August 2010
Makli Hill Necropolis

Amazing historical mosque in Pakistan
I've personally visit this place and found very peaceful n came atmosphere .... Heart touching view Mashallah party planner in karachi
25th August 2010

Hey, what a shame I didn't get this before for I have moved on down to South America and am now in Argentina. Maybe next time I'll give you a shout. Hope you're settled in your new place? :)
25th August 2010

Haha....thats quite funny. He just came up to me in the street. Was it the same for you?
25th August 2010

Thank you :)
21st August 2010

Hello!!!!! Nice beautiful blog!!!!!
20th August 2010

The friendly face of the theocratic regime
That mullah gets around! http://www.flickr.com/photos/benklaasen/3150737489/
18th August 2010

Welcome to the States!
Hey fellow traveller! Glad to hear you made it over here. Sounds like you're about to skip out (if you haven't already- not sure how far behind in your blogs you are). If you're lingering for a while, shoot up north and visit me in Rochester, NY. And if you are up to date on your blog, that means we just missed each other in LA! I got back from there on Sunday. Anywho- enjoy your stay! :)
5th August 2010

No, we never touched them. They're ok and there are a lot of signs warning you of the seals being on the verge or road. They come up to shelter from the rough seas. This is normal for them to do this. We managed to get lots of photos of them. Very cute!
5th August 2010

This was a small church with views of Lake Tekapo. There was a wedding on when we got there so couldn't see inside. Yes, it was snowing at the time, which made the lake look incredible. Shame my photos don't do it justice.
5th August 2010

Hi The resort was the Home Bay Resort in Maenam Beach. Very basic, but right at the end of the beach next to an outdoor bar. It was cheap, with scooter hire place nearby that can get you anywhere you want to go. Ideal if you want to relax, but not near the party areas.
5th August 2010
Sleepy Seals

how did u find a seal on land did you put it back into the water i have never seen one on land but i have seen them in the water that is so cool
5th August 2010
Lake Tekapo

is that a old home? it looks like it's snowing over there. is that a lake out in the distance?

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