Europa Day 21

Published: June 2nd 2012
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Day 21

Wake to a blue sky and an outdoor breakfast. A walk in the gardens before we eat and then a fine repast of croissants, bread, jams (home made and about 6 varieties) and coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, etc.

Meet the other guest - couple from Croatia and anotherfrom Germany. All ask where to go and get directions to Uzes - town no too far away that has a market so guess how many people we knew that we saw in Uzes - at least 4.

The market took over the town - main street, back streets, alleyways, nooks and crannies that I am sure we missed as well. A lot like the St.Kilda esplanade with fresh food as well.......

Even bought some stuff - shorts for me (didn't pack too many of them) and a hat and 3/4 pants for Chris. The hat even looks good this time.

Finish at Uzes and back to Pont du Gard - a bridge built by the Romans as a 3 tier edifice. Road, water viaduct and train (or chariot) top level. Great sight and very popular swimming place as well. Lots of people doing kayak trips down the river and under the bridge.

There were lots of people in riggers outfits working on the main and top levels of the bridge. Chris asked a security guy what was happening. Turns out there is a big show being setup for next week with lighting and fire works - timing just not quite right this time.

Back to home and find out good news that Melbourne has thrashed Essendon by 6 points (messages and Footy Lite scores very gratefully accepted). Makes tea more of a special event.


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