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July 25th 2006
Published: September 30th 2017
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Picnic in Arles ....
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Up early to catch a train. Breakfast was included - cereal/milk, cake w/ butter and crappy watery juice. Slept on train to Arles, did nothing else. Went to Musee Reattu (art) - not very good; did not understand the French descriptions so there was no historical context for me. Also too hot to concentrate.

Had a picnic by the amphitheatre - assorted herb cheeses, pate, and bread. Tasty and cheap, but too rich and got a little gross at the end. Too cheap to buy tomatoes - would've made it much more enjoyable. Still beats McDonald's any day!

It was a great place for a picnic - shady with music (some "medieval" band). Like something from Robin Hood. The heat is inhumane. I'm glad I'm not wearing any pants. Literally! Nothing but a wife beater and sandals. Maybe I would've had more luck with Isabel that day if I wore more clothing. Then she would've heard my words better if she wasn't shrieking and covering her eyes.

Went to a park and slept for awhile to avoid the heat. After, the Musee de l'Arles antique. Neat, but nothing special. Mostly Roman ruins - I'll see lots of that in Italy.

... while sitting at the base of this!
Checked into the hostel - hot again. Getting sick of this.

Hung out at the hostel a bit then off to dinner. Arles has a confusing layout so I got lost. Dinner at Le Pistou. Started with a volaille (poultry) salad. Cukes, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, lettuce, endive, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Great, but volaille needed a little more salt. Entree - bull cooked in wine sauce. Very rich, not sure if it's the bull sauce or the wine that contributed to this. It was stewed with pine nuts and served with a baked potato (w/ herb sauce) and roasted tomato. Heavenly - the wine sauce was great with bread. Massive portions.

Dessert was a delicious chocolate cake (le mi-cuit chocolat). Not too sweet. A nice delicate balance. France is worth the trip just for the food. Waitress was very pretty and spoke some Spanish. The restaurant focused on regional specialties but had a Spanish theme. I think I found the only thing sexier than a woman speaking Spanish - a woman speaking Spanish with a French accent!

I asked her if I could move the beds apart, but she only gave me a puzzled look (happens to me every time!!!)

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You can see the contrast between the areas of the Arena that have and have not been restored.

It's Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise!!!! How could they be so rude to call him Cantaloupe? His head is fairly smooth ... more of a honeydew, I think.

Cool sculpture, taken in a park.

One more operation and Michael Jackson's nose will also be reduced to only a hole in his face. He's already whiter than the sculpture, though.

Roman tiled floors on display at the museum in Arles.

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