A mix of Disney, baguette, fromage, and merde!

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July 24th 2006
Published: September 30th 2017
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A crepe lover's dream! This whole square was pretty much all crepe shops.
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Less than 2 hours sleep. Returned from Jazz fest at 2:30 AM and others returned even later (kept me up). Changed trains in Hendaye. Awesome french pastries ... ham and cheese croissant, chocolatine , and a raisin bun. How many french pastries can I eat before butter oozes out of my pores???

Speaking french has been challenging. What little I knew has been long forgotten. Met an old French lady on the train that speaks Spanish.

I thought it would be cooler in France, but it's experiencing a heat wave with temps in the high 30's. Grabbed a meat pie walking to the old part of Carcassonne from the train station. Bought some very expensive cookies there (3€ for 4). The bad part? Not very good.

Ultra touristy here, very pricey. It's like a mix of Obidos and Toledo, but with none of the good traits. Add a little Disney, some fromage and baguette, and have Liberace crap it all out and voila!!! Carcassonne!!! I'm not a fan. But I must say, they import some very nice looking women to work in the souvenir stores. Hopefully there's no cute women working at the hotels. The last thing I need is to

Oh no!!!! Not another medieval, walled city!!! There better not be cute hotel girls there. We all know what happened the last time I went to one of those. It wasn't pretty ....
find another cute girl working at a hotel in a medieval city again.

French guy named Manuel was in the hostel room. He spoke no english, but surprise! He's from Colombia so we could communicate! Spanish saves the day, otra vez! Other bunkmates included Frank (France) and Gabriel (Quebecois). It was bizarre - all 3 could speak French but we ended up mixing French/English/Spanish (Frengnish???). Multiple translations were happening - French/English, English/French, English/Spanish, Spanish/English, Spanish/French ... an incredible experience talking with these guys. This is what travel and life are all about. People from all walks of life, finding common ground.

We ate in the hostel restaurant. I expected crap, but was pleasantly surprised. Delicious salad w/ cukes, tomatoes, lettuce, sausage, and cheese. Almost a meal in itself. Next - cassoulet (bean stew with duck and sausage) - incredible! Dessert was pistachio and chocolate ice cream. All for 9€!

Went to Place Carnot for a free concert. Not very good but still an experience as it was traditional music from the region. Had some pastis mixed with water. Refreshing, if you like the taste of licorice/anise. After talking with these guys my french is slowly returning. I can understand but cannot really speak.

The old city at night. No tripod so it's blurry.

Off to bed. Too hot! Only got 2 hours sleep again!

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Place Carnot concert. The guy in stripes is Manuel, to his right Frank, and Gabriel on the end.

Cool fountain in Place Carnot.

This symbol marks the path for pilgrims going from France to Santiago di Compostela in Spain.

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