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May 22nd 2012
Published: May 23rd 2012
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Day 10

2nd day in Amiens and the WW1 battlefields. A really nice night at a fine hotel the night before with a cheap dinner - think they forgot the wine.....

Off to the Somme and then to Bullecourt where there were too many Oz soldiers killed - something like over 13,000 along with 7/8 of the Newfoundlanders (now a country swallowed up by Canada) and lots of British and NZ soldiers.

Then we went to the South African memorial. There were so many men killed that they decided to leave them where they lie in the wood and have bought the land and allowed the wood to regenerate in its natural form as the memorial to those killed.

The day finished and we went to our next hotel, a tad different to last night - just enough room to get the bag past the bed to the other side of the room, a mattress 2 inches thick. Tough when you get really nice and then into a complete reversal of star factoring. Never mind, that is what being a tourist is.

Walked Amiens which is a really pretty town with the Somme river and associated canals running through it. There were lots of interesting back streets with some really interesting houses. Some looked like they were ready to fall down.

Off to bed ready for the train trip back to Paris eqrly tomorrow.


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