Three days, no baby wipes eaten, just an attempt at silver foil and a dead bee

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August 6th 2017
Published: August 6th 2017
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Friday was hot, really hot so we went somewhere higher and therefore cooler, Andorra. With my usually grest sense of direction and my genius, knows a lot of geography, brother, we should have got to where we were going easily, especially as we had all been to the place we were going to before. This didn't happen. We spent ten quid going both ways through a tunnel which we didn't even need to go through and only realised we weren't on the cable car we thought we were until we got to the top and couldn't go any further. The baby enjoyed the ride though and to be fair, the assortment of activities on offer up there were good to watch (my mini meltdown when the cable car stopped and swung perilously on the way up also meant all the people with me were glad we weren't actually on the longer ride). We headed back to get cheap fuel and peruse the still crazy Andorra shops. Even the boy couldn't quite figure out the zebra printed life sized plastic cow. Our new favourite was a ten metre wing spanned pterodactyl for a few grand......The Saturday saw muggy weather and a need to visit the wolves again. My brother was literally happier than he's ever been. The wood, the waterfall, the skimming lake, sitting on a tractor, everything. The baby boy was very taken with the petting zoo's rabbits and chickens. We broke our new rule again today (I think it might have to not be a rule anymore, this is getting ridiculous) which sent the brother off like a shot while we sorted the 'problem'. He took some time returning and came back eventually with a smile on his face and a pocket full of skimming stones. As a special treat (I'll point out here he is 27) we stopped at the big lake and watched as he skimmed his stones.....
Once home, after a quick supermarket stop for fly spray, swats and sticky stuff, we sat watching a bit of TV and playing with the boy. He went quiet and I saw something shiny in his mouth. Silver foil. A ball of foil. Where it came from I don't know but fortunately I rescued it. I'm really trying to beat him to everything but am clearly failing! I took it upon myself to rid the house of flies this evening. Currently I think there are still a dozen or so living but at least a hundred not living, I will win. They have definitely been talking to the Italian ants.
Storms in the night which felt like they were in the actual house woke everyone except the baby (next door's geese weren't keen either) and it was time to return the brother to the airport. A good journey with no mistakes, a quick stop for lunch and we were home in time for tea. The baby crawled his furthest today whilst playing. I suspect this was because he saw a tasty looking dead bee under a bed and knew full well I wouldn't get it for him. Once again, I caught him just in time! I'm really hoping he grows out of this phase soon, not sure I can take it much longer!


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