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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege August 1st 2020

Yesterday was activity central. Up and at em, we headed back to the forest for climbing. Not me (clearly)..... We headed there and despite having gone this way several times this week, Ash took us on a wrong way journey (briefly) so instead of Ash climbing and me supervising Seth we both supervised Seth. (not entirely sure if this was planned by Ash to get out of having to climb the scary trees) so we queued up, expecting to pay but no, they just harnessed Seth and in we went. Safe to say he loved it, big smiles all the way round and no desire to leave despite his tired legs! In the end though the cafe called and we left expecting to pay but, nope still not. Ice cream and a cuppa (and a very ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege July 30th 2020

Yesterday was a wolf kind of day so we headed back to the wolf Park we last visited when Seth was just 9 months old. True to form Seth fell asleep on the way there. When I woke him up he said he couldn't go in as he was too busy having a sleep! But eventually we masked up and headed in. Well, we would have done but the cafe drew us in for a drink and then a nice lunch and then we went to see the wolves. And goats and rabbits and chickens. It seems incongruous to have a petting zoo at a wolf park until you read what the wolves eat...... Needless to say we didn't share that cynical idea with the boy! The wolves were awesome, the goats were goaty and the ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege August 6th 2017

Friday was hot, really hot so we went somewhere higher and therefore cooler, Andorra. With my usually grest sense of direction and my genius, knows a lot of geography, brother, we should have got to where we were going easily, especially as we had all been to the place we were going to before. This didn't happen. We spent ten quid going both ways through a tunnel which we didn't even need to go through and only realised we weren't on the cable car we thought we were until we got to the top and couldn't go any further. The baby enjoyed the ride though and to be fair, the assortment of activities on offer up there were good to watch (my mini meltdown when the cable car stopped and swung perilously on the way up ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege July 31st 2016

So, having woken up yesterday in possibly the worst of all ibis hotels, we were in no mood for a lie in so headed off to Lourdes for our own mini pilgrimage ( hoping for divine forgiveness for the great ant massacre of 2015!!!) Now, Lourdes. I'd been warned by the interweb that Lourdes was a tad on the chaotic touristy side but I was not prepared for this.....essentially it's a big version of Matlock with more churches and more touristsand, less chip shops and more tat. Lots more tat. Oh and religion everywhere. It's an utterly crazy place ( it did appear that all the visitors to the cathedral and it's surroundings thought they already had god on their side as we nearly removed a good half dozen who wandered aimlessly into the road) I ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege August 1st 2015

Today was the day of sausage, cheese, life size plastic animals, discounted booze and mountains. That's probably all I need to say but I think we all need to understand how we came to be sitting on a plastic unicorn holding a giant tomato being watched by a pig and a blues brother without being stoned. After a lovely leisurely breakfast we set off up the mountains for Andorra to visit the adults playground that is their tax free shops. The low cloud on the way up made for a slightly scary drive ( in a car not Jason, he's had a nice rest today) but through a tunnel and it was bright and lovely. I couldn't tell you the town this shopping mecca was in nor could I tell you the name of the shop ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege July 31st 2015

Dear Europe, I wish to make a complaint. You have no concept of a decent pillow or comfy bed and unless this changes, I'm not coming again. After Le Mans, I was hoping for a more plush more comfy room. Waking this morning I can safely say comfort was not one of the key factors of this hotel. The fact that the bed moved on wheels over the tiled floor was bad enough but couple that with the one long pillow ( who needs a pillow each??!!) the same depth as the average pancake which fell down the gap between headboard and bed created by the wandering bed and you've got a pretty rubbish combination. Stupid Europe and its stupid pillows......anyway after almost slipping over on exiting the hotel on the roof (James bond should not ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege July 14th 2012

After departing the lovely La Ferme de la Rose, we decided to spend a few days in Carcassone en route to our next HelpX in the Pyrenees. Carcassone is a walled medieval city, dating back over 1000 years. The wall used to encompass the city back in the day, but now mainly houses restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops. All of the medieval-themed touristy shops are a bit tacky and tiresome after a while, but it was amazing to picture how the city would have looked back in its hey-day hundreds of years ago. We also enjoyed the abundance of restaurants in the area, trying the local speciality of duck and pork cassoulet! It was a lovely way to spend a weekend! Our next stay is in a town called Argein, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. ... read more
The stunning Pyrenees
My new love!
Cheeky Monkeys!

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege November 26th 2009

I've threatened it before, but this time it's true. I've got fond of this TravelBlog site, but it no longer really reflects what I do.... journeys all the way to the veg. patch or Lavelanet market don't really count as Travel with a big T, I don't think. So I've started a blog in Wordpress, called Life in Laroque. Try if you'd like to have a look. It would be good to hear from you there. ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege October 30th 2009

Les Bordes, October 30th, 2009 When I first arrived, I woke to the soft sounds of the curlews chattering in the trees opposite. The next sounds are the voices of our near neighbours. Madame has stentorian tones that echo around the neighbourhood. She waters her pot plants at midnight and cossets two large caged birds that hold great fascination for the many local cats, who admire them with longing glances. When I opened the shutters this morning, I was greeted by the charming sight of a small girl skipping down the road talking to a large black dog, a tiny grey one and a white cat. The quartet trotted happily into the distance in single file. Most of our numerous visitors have had to endure the indigestion that follows a six-course lunch at the local Auberge. ... read more
Les Bordes

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege October 16th 2009

Over the course of just 4 days, our glorious Indian Summer has been replaced by the onset of winter. The afternoon temperature in our courtyard has dropped by an astonishing 30 degrees Celsius. Last week’s strappy tops and shorts have been banished in favour of fleeces, trousers and especially socks. The haricot beans, peppers and tomatoes of late summer are losing place on the market stalls to celeriac, knobbly carrots, cabbages and chestnuts. Summer lettuce is giving way to rocket, black radish and the tiny soft leaves of lamb’s lettuce. The pleasure of the fierce afternoon sun has been replaced by the glowing comfort of the wood burning stove in the evening. The weather remains glorious however, and the autumn colours are out in force. It’s wonderful weather for walking, and appreciating this refreshing change in ... read more
We were reminded of the Lake District
All the lakes in the area are fed by networks of streams
...and little waterfalls

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