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June 15th 2011
Published: August 11th 2011
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I was looking forward to coming down south to be able to rest and not have to do something everyday. It was a bit of a struggle getting to our house with mums gps on her phone taking us through the smallest roads I’ve ever seen after being put on a detour. We eventually got to our house which is a nice three bedroom house with a pool but soon discovered there is no internet which is going to be a bit of a pain. The village where we are staying is tiny! There are a lot of vineyards here which we spent a few nights walking along the little tracks that went through them. It’s nice to relax here and be able to have proper food and home cooked meals.

Our first day trip was to a beach near by called Valgras. The beach was quite big but didn’t have that much people sunbathing on it although it had the odd topless lady sunbathing. Surprisingly no one was swimming as we soon discovered the water was quite cold. We walked along the beach and got to all these rides like waterslides and merry-go-rounds which were all shut. We walked back up through all the beachy shops back to the car. We decided to have a look at another beach called Serignan. This beach had a lot less people and was much smaller. It had a little restaurant on the sand which was kind of odd.

Another day trip we did was to go see the ‘famous’ Millau bridge which was a two hour drive away. We stopped and had a look at it from a viewing point on the hill. The bridge was quite far away from where we were so it didn’t look that big but we soon saw how tall it is. The bridge was pretty much in the middle of no where. It was surrounded by hills although there was a small town next to the bridge which we had a look around. On the way back we stopped at a better viewing point which was much closer and you could see just how big the bridge was.

We also went to Carcassonne to do a bit of shopping and to see another castle which had sort of a village inside it. There was quite a bit of tourists there but the shops in the little village had some nice things in them. There were a lot of good furniture shops in Carcassonne which we spent quite a while in.

On Sunday we had decided to go biking along the cannel near Beziers but being a Sunday it wasn’t open. Instead we went and had a look around a quaint little village called Pezanas. All the shops there were individually owned and they all had really unique things in them. We also had lunch there which was nice although it was extremely hot.

On the last Tuesday of our stay in St Geneis-de-Fontedit we had a booking at a flash restaurant in Magalas – the village next to ours. It was a very different restaurant. You didn’t order what you wanted off a menu like the other restaurants. You told the waiter what you didn’t like or what you were allergic to and then it was all up to the chef to choose what you had for lunch. We ended up having some veal which was surprisingly nice and then a really nice chocolate mousse for dessert.

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