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Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 5th 2017

This morning Benny and I got a taxi into town to visit the Cathedral of Saint-Nazaire. We were dropped off beside the Cathedral, in the Place de la Revolutione which had a lovely fountain and café. Inside was a huge organ and an amazing ceiling. There was a mass underway so we sat down to listen to it for about 15 minutes whilst we looked around the interior from our seats. After quietly leaving, we walked around the outside of the Cathedral, around the Cloistures courtyard and through a pretty garden. The Cathedral sits on a hill and from the top you have views to the south towards the Fonseranne Staircase and the aqueduct that the Canal du Midi goes over before Beziers. As it was 12pm and everything shuts, we sat down at an outdoor ... read more
171005 2 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire
171005 3 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire
171005 4 Cathedral Saint-Nazaire

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 3rd 2017

Our plan was to go down in the afternoon session of the Fonserannes Staircase of locks, rather than the 8am – 9:30am session, because there had been several boats in front of us when we arrived last night. When we were first up, as we were moving the boat to where you queue at 8:30, we saw that the lock was open and one boat was in there already so we decided to go straight in. The boats ahead of us were halfway down and there were at least 3 lock keepers so they must be able to manage several basins of boats at once, rather than having one set get through all before starting the next as you have to when there is only 1 lock keeper. The whole process of going down 7 basins, ... read more
171003 5 Fonserannes lock
171003 6 Fonserannes lock
171003 9 Fonserannes lock

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 2nd 2017

Overnight there was quite heavy rain but it eased off by the time we got up, although low cloud was still covering the hilltops. We managed to unmoor the boat and set off without getting wet and continued cruising along the canal. Although it is wet and grey, it was supposed to be 23 degrees, with it 16 at that point. We continued on from our overnight stop just east of Argeliers, through into Capestang. We moored over lunch and went for a walk into the village and into the cathedral there with beautiful stained glass windows. Along the way towards Beziers, we saw the French canal management people grubbing out the bases and roots of condemned plane trees. The trees that have been affected by disease are marked and cut down and the roots dug ... read more
191002 4
191002 5
191002 6 Capestang in the distance

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers October 1st 2017

We left Homps this morning and spent a long time at the first lock waiting for our turn so we only made it into Argens-Minervois just before lunchtime. As the next lock wouldn’t open for a while, we stopped and had a walk around the town, before returning to the boat for lunch. After 2pm, we set off again and passed through the towns of Roubia, Paraza, Ventenac-en-Minervois and le Somail. Just past le Somail, the canal splits into 2, with one branch leading towards Navaronne and another continuing as the Canal du Midi. We continued on, past the village of Argeliers, and moored for the night with vineyards on both sides of the canal.... read more
171001 3
171001 4
171001 5

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers September 19th 2017

It was the day before my birthday when I caught hubby frantically trying to book something / anything for my birthday! 😱 As usual his organisational skills held no bounds and he was getting increasingly frustrated at the constant "Sorry we are fully booked". His last ditch attempt was to book a flight to somewhere sunny 🌞 Of course last minute flights aren't the cheapest and hubby isn't used to shopping around so we decided to put our heads together. I headed over to Kayak who had a tool whereby you can just input the date and your budget and all available flights appear. Given the lateness, there wasn't much choice within my stingy budget... but Toulouse came up. Not a place I had heard of but at £9.99 for Ryanair flights... why not? So the ... read more
Family Meal

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers May 15th 2015

This morning it was cold and windy in Avignon. It was so cold and blustery that Tatiana served breakfast upstairs in the house. We were told when we arrived that the venue for breakfast depends entirely on the forecast! It's hard to know why people act like Melbourne is the only place in the world that experiences highly variable weather; it was 30°C in Avignon yesterday and today the temperature will be lucky to reach 20°C. We are getting better at negotiating our way into the towns that we are visiting! This morning Bernie had picked out a well-located parking garage on a map of Nîmes that he found on the Internet and programmed the address into the Sat-Nav. The Sat-Nav duly guided us straight down the A9 and into the centre of Nîmes without us ... read more
Nîmes Arena from the front
Maison Carrée
Maison Carrée close-up

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers April 25th 2012

Bonjour, ca faisai un moment que je n'avais rien ecris, entre le déménagement et tout ce qu il s en suit, je n'ai pas eu vraiment le temps. Me revoila donc dans ma chambre, chez mes parents, c est plutot pas mal en en fait, je n'ai plus trop a me soucier de savoir si mon frigo est vide, ni si mes factures doivent etre payer lol. Je commence donc a économiser pour partir. J'ai acheté mon billet d'avion pour le 16 septembre 2012. Je part avec Air Transat. Le billet m'as couté 862€ aller et retour Open pendant 1 an + 55€ pour une option pour rajouter 10kg de bagages, le choix du siège ect..... Voila pour les news, je pense qu'il ne se passera rien de particuler pendant les mois a venir jusqu a ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers March 8th 2012

Bon ben ca se précise, j ai enfin envoyer mon préavis de mon appartement!! J ai eu du mal a l'envoyer parceque ca fait quand meme plus de 3 ans que j'y vis, mais je dois aller de l'avant. Je vais donc retourner chez mes parents d'ici à peu pres un mois. Je sens que ca va etre compliquer de faire machine arriere et de retourner dans ma petite chambre, mais on va dire que c est pour la bonne cause.... Ca faisai deja plusieurs jours que je reportai l'envoi de ce fameux préavis, car bcp de choses se bousculaient dans ma tete, mais c'est fait, je ne peux plus vraiment reculer....!! Bref, je vais donc commencer les cartons et trier tout ce que je vend ou ce que je vais jeter! a plus tard pour ... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers March 2nd 2012

Aujourd hui je me suis occupé de resilier mon contrat mobile deja, donc accusé de recéption et tout le bordel. J'ai aussi fait ma demande pour le permis international, j'ai lu que ca pouvais servir, au cas ou. J aurai moins de probleme pour louer une voiture. C'est gratuit et et prend 2 min. a+++ pour la suite !... read more

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Beziers February 28th 2012

Bon ben voila! J ai enfin eu le sésame tant attendu ! J'ai jusqu au 10/01/2012 pour partir. Je vais commencer a faire mes cartons et a retourner chez ms parents pour économiser un peu ! je vous tiens au courant de la suite dés que ca deviendra interessant :)... read more

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