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August 16th 2014
Published: August 16th 2014
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Day 4: a trip to the doctor as I had an infected eye. God knows how that happened by 80 Euros for 5 minutes with the doctor and a filled script soon afterwards seemed to help. No contacts in for at least 5 days.... bloody awful but fortunately my glasses are transition ones.

On our way to get the script we found a magnificent, reasonable coffee shop - which we visited over a couple of days, also bought some great coffee mugs... which won't break to use with our Nespresso machine.

We went for a wander and saw the Sorbonne, the famous university - however, many years ago the students at the time staged a huge protest and as a consequence the Sorbonne was not the University it used to be and in fact ended up being 14 different types of Universities in the area. Quite an imposing building and such a shame it's not what it used to be.

Around the corner from the Sorbonne is the Pantheon -another amazing place - also not to be confused with the one in Athens, although they look alike from the outside. It's in the Latin Quarter and was originally a church dedicated to Saint Genevieve - patron of Paris, and now functions as a mausoleum for distinguished French citizens, which include Victor Hugo, Louise Braille and Marie Curie. The art in the main section depicts the story of Jeanne De Arc and other notables.

Essentially our visit to the doctor ended up being a 6 hour tour around the Latin Quarter - exhausted by time we got back but had a great time and saw heaps of interesting places and people.

The next day we went on the Big Bus Tour and went to many places including Champs Elysees where we got off and had a look around, had a massively expensive coffee - hopefully will remember to put a picture of the docket on here, and the CE had a lot of well known shops - Zara, H & M, Benetton etc but the main exclusive shops were in a street a block behind the CE. We saw some amazing sights along here and of course the Arc de Triumph is at the end of the CE.

One shop we went to after the CE - Lafayette, was amazingly huge and great stuff in there - the food section made David Jones look second rate!


Having some problems uploading photos so will put them in if we can find the solution. Hope everyone is well. Have been able to upload photos on facebook if that helps.. all is well and loving our trip. To those who asked if we were travelling on our own - yes we are.


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