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January 6th 2020
Published: January 5th 2020
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It sounds rather strange to say 2020, as in vision, the ABC News show, or calendar year. Perhaps we can see clearly now, the rain has come?

It is the start of a new decade. Maybe it will be my last, it does not matter. The world has changed, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. My generation has ruined the environment, all in the name of progress, technology, and greed. Our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are shameless, greedy, self-centered media mongers.

But there are many good things we have now, in the name of progress. Maybe I should list a few?

Solar panels on homes-we now have 17 on our roof, and it has helped with our monthly budget, as well as our carbon offset.

Lexi, our mini Labradoodle-who ever knew I would love this little puppy as much as I do?

Smartphone cameras-it has eliminated my need to carry a tablet AND a camera on my trips.

Friends-my old high school mates have dinner every Monday, what a joy!

Relatives-I have four elderly Aunts remaining, no Uncles, I am the oldest living male on both sides of my family.

Cheap airfares-no excuses, go anywhere in the world, it is now very affordable. Cheaper to fly to Paris than NYC!

2020 Election-I am praying!

Automotive technology-safer cars, but too many old ones on the road!

Newsprint-still my favorite way to get a good insight into a new city or region.

Health-should always be a priority for you, me, everyone! I lost some dear friends and a cousin this past year.

Tokyo Olympic Games-I wish I was going! The stadium (above) is complete!

Super Bowl-I am hoping for a rematch with my Niners playing the Ravens. But Miami will be expensive!!!

Perhaps most bothersome to me are the numerous shootings here in the US. Something is seriously wrong with our country and the direction we are headed. I hate to end on a bit of a downer.

So, moving on, I see that charitable giving is back on the upswing. I urge all of you to give what you can afford. And even better, volunteer your time and expertise to a worthy charity.

2020 will be another great year!

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