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July 11th 2012
Published: July 11th 2012
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OK. We are on the train to Heidelberg and I will now endeavor to catch up on Paris before we get back into Germany. If it seems strange that we started in Germany and then went to France, just wait, we'll hit France again in a couple
of weeks.

Paris was nice, though I will admit that I am glad to be out of the big city. I think Elizabeth will appreciate the smaller towns we stay in more now. I am still not going to write much of a blog as time and internet are in short supply. I will try to make informative (if not brief) captions on the pictures and hope that they will be sufficient to tweak my memory later to complete my journal since I was originally going to use this blog as my journal.

As for the pictures, don't be confused, we're not in Austria (yet). This is Marie Antionette's hamlet in the gardens of Versailles. She had this Disneyesque little village (at least a dozen buildings) built for her to take refuge in whenever palace life got too overwhelming and she became homesick for the Austrian countryside she remembered as a little girl.

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Hamlet 4Hamlet 4
Hamlet 4

note the fake water wheel on the mill
Hamlet 6Hamlet 6
Hamlet 6

Did I say it had rained? Well, it had and I had just slid down that bank like it was a ski slope. In fact, it was ALMOST a ski jump!
Hamlet 7Hamlet 7
Hamlet 7

Of course Elizabeth had to get in the same spot just like a little kid. Great picture though.
Hamlet 8Hamlet 8
Hamlet 8

the Queen's herb garden
Hamlet 9Hamlet 9
Hamlet 9

Here, smell this peppermint. Don't just stand there, SMELL it!
Hamlet 11Hamlet 11
Hamlet 11

We weren't the only ones that thought the place was quaint enough for a picture.

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