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July 11th 2012
Published: July 11th 2012
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Hamlet 12Hamlet 12Hamlet 12

My beautiful daughter
Last one form Paris - I promise

On Sunday morning I did a load of laundry and let Elizabeth sleep in. Then we went back over close to Notre Dame to see another Gothic church (cathedral?? not sure what the difference is technically) called St. Chapelle. This place has more Medieval stained glass than all the rest of the catherdrals in Paris put together, maybe even all of France. It is truly amazing. I'm coming back here sometime in my lifetime on a bright sunny day.

And finally, though our hopes of the internet reservation system working or of the elevator repairmen being successful were not fulfilled, we returned to the Eiffel Tower and decided to brave the long line since it was our last chance.

Actually, Elizabeth wasn't sure if she really wanted to wait or not (I told her I'd been up there before so it was her decision) but I struck up a conversation with the guy behind us about photography and, before we knew it, we were halfway through the line. Even though it was cold and rainy, I think she was glad we did it. Not she can say, "Been there, done that."

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Lizzie in ParisLizzie in Paris
Lizzie in Paris

note Eiffel Tower in background, I just couldn't resist
Happy GirlHappy Girl
Happy Girl

When you enter this place, you are actually in the ground floor chapel where the commoners worshipped. No windows, low ceiling... NOT impressive. Then you climb the narrow windind staircase up to where the nobility came to get close to God. I think you can see the pleasant surprise on Elizabeth's face.
St. Chapelle 2St. Chapelle 2
St. Chapelle 2

Looks like the entire Bible, chapter and verse, is written in stain glass around this place

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