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August 23rd 2016
Published: January 30th 2017
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Corsica was the reason for the trip. It consumed most part of our itinerary. And today was the day we were heading there.

I was flustered, I realized that I had only packed good clothes not awesome ones that would make jaws drop. No adapter, cash or experience made me anxious. The only silver lining was the experience itself. This would be my first of many, this would be where I would learn if not everything but all that I can.

At Cologne, while waiting for the connecting flight, my shrink emailed me a list of videos. Unconventionally as they weren’t self-help videos and started with sentences like “we all are crazy”. It added on to a list of things humming in my head. This needs a little bit of background and has nothing to do with travel, so you can skip this.


The background is that I had lost few important people from my life. Some I didn’t want to give away and some I had let go of. The humming was because of a subjective question: “Is what I did right?”


I love European airports, there isn’t anyone checking my passport at every 5 min interval, there is high speed internet, there are croissants and it smells like lilies. When we landed in Corsica it seemed like any other island. Grass and sea. It was when we arrived in the city(near Musee de Bastia) that we saw the charm it held. The walls of every building seemed the same. They were all old, sun kissed and beautiful. The mood was lazy, not just because everyone was on a holiday but everyone was in no hurry to get anywhere or do anything.

The 3 flights of stairs to our apartment were taxing. They led to an apartment where the mood and awe of Corsica stayed. There was only one room which unfortunately wasn’t mine(Brat took it!!). However, I could always stare out that room’s window. The best window in the apartment in my humble opinion, as it had a slice of the sea and a slice of the neighbouring old building.

The apartment was adjacent to a small hotel with a beautiful girl as the waitress. I was with 3 other young men. Thus we ate there even though the anchovies and cheese smelled awful and tasted even worse. An acquired taste apparently.

I had beer, bathed in hot water (which did not require any planning or heating) and soaked in the conditioner and the sense of happiness that beer leaves behind. I slept after that. I remember noticing the sun recede as the shades of color in the apartment that changed. It was a blissful sleep. Dreamless.

After this we walked around to find the port (not that hard to find). We took pictures of the sea, lighthouses and the boats. The day ended with curd rice. Do not get me wrong here, although I see why you shouldn’t, but the food here sucked! I was missing home cooked food and rice seemed heavenly.

I slept after an attempt at reading.

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