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August 22nd 2016
Published: December 11th 2016
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I woke up, and it was silent again. It took me a while to get used to that, so I lay there thinking "May be i'm still sleeping". That's when i noticed the writing on the bunk bed. Apparently, some one "came" there and someone else concurred.

We quickly got ready and went out for a walk. I tried getting ready outside the stuffy bathroom and it was the most awkward use of a towel there could be.

From Wombats (city hostel - the lounge) we wandered into Mariahilfer street and many others. In the early hours on the day the smell of croissant was alluring, so was the absence of people. Everywhere I turned there was a building or a tree or a store that drew my attention. I wished for a DSLR camera to be "lying" around. This is when i realized why people turn up in Europe even with all the hardships that comes with it. For a brief period of time it is fun, almost pleasant, to be away from people. To be surrounded by things that inspire, and for these things to be all around you so that there would be no need to go seek them out.

After the walk it was time for an official wombats tour of Vienna (it was free, and we couldn't resist). We started in Naschmarkt, where the guide talked about how Vienna was a city of architecture and many other fun facts that I soon forgot. We walked through the market (didn't go back like we planned because of creepy vendor) and the meat, fruits and cheese were everywhere.

We passed through (heard and forgot a lot about) beautiful places like; Secession (To every age its art, to every art its freedom), Academy of fine arts (rejected Adolf Hitler), wiener staatsoper (turquoise that you wouldn't forget), Albertina (intriguing art), The tourist info center, Memorial to war and Fascism(Street washing jew), Josefsplatz (Obsession with Platz), Palais Pallavicini (the ladies being restored), Hofburgkapelle (felt like an inside tour), Michaelerplatz (fountains, horses, statues and nets to ward off pigeons), Hofburg palace to arrive at heaven.

Tommy, Tiffany, Gucci, Giorgio, Cartier, Chanel, Triumph, Zara, H&M and Mango heaven.

The tour ended at St. Stephen's Cathedral where the guide playfully said : "When i was young, not too long ago, this building was all black because of the pollution."

We then walked up to a restaurant and waited for water, which wasn't free and more expensive than beer(what a funny world we, Europeans, live in). The food was followed by ice-cream. We walked around and stumbled upon a theater, and by stumbled i mean - saw a hot guy selling tickets and stopped. I didn't expect much, I mean, I'm brown so... However i was totally charmed. It was similar to going to a Jewelry store, trying on an expensive necklace and walking out feeling light. Only difference here is that the necklace talked back and called you "My lady!!" (goosebumps!!)

We then walked back to hostel and i tried to squeeze myself on to the fire escape (I chickened out). After a nap we went back to the theater for the concert. The seats were acoustically right and far enough for us to enjoy the dancing. (this is sarcastic, but i'm not going to explain this and skip it altogether because that guy was really hot).

We heard some of Mozart's work. A good rendition of it. Sitting there, in that cozy room I began to wonder what it would have been when Mozart used to play these. The controversy, delight and passion.

After the concert, we walked back to the hostel for a well deserved sleep (which was again interrupted by nothing).

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