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April 10th 2012
Published: April 10th 2012
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Yesterday afternoon, as agreed I went down to Rachel's so that we could 'get bored together'. This commenced by watching Mansfield Park from Laetitia's Jane Austen dvd box set with Rachel making sarcastic comments all the way through, completely robbing it of its seriousness but I guess it made it more fun to watch and gave it a hint of reality so that at the end, rather than sighing wistfully at the romantic, happy-ever-after ending, we laughed mockingly and thought silently 'Yeah, like that ever happens in real life.'

After the dvd we put on some face masks from the goody box which Aida had given me for my birthday. It was good fun and gave us another opportunity to laugh, distracting us from other depressing thoughts.

I suggested we end our afternoon together by going for a short walk in the forest. I felt the need to get outside for a bit and Rachel was more than happy to do the same. During our excursion, we were treated to the rare sight of a deer bounding through the trees, which I've just thought might have had some spiritual significance - on seeing it, Rachel did instantly think of the verses in Psalms 18 (He makes me like a deer that does not stumble; he helps me stand on the steep mountains.) which I'd given her as encouragement a few days earlier.

The day ended on rather a high note with crepes for tea (my last treat before fasting begins) but the thought of another empty day stuck at Rimlishof didn't excite me too much. But luckily it doesn't get to me like it once used to - I've learnt to accept it and the difference between then and now is that I trust God and I have His peace.


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