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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki March 26th 2006

Ah... I'm really liking Finland! ;) i had a wee bit of trouble getting past passport control at the airport because the controller guy asked me how long i plan to stay, where i was headed to after this, have i ever been in europe before. about a week, estonia, and yes, about 6 times? all the meanwhile he was flipping through my passport. then he tells me that the reason he asks is because he doesn't see any other EU stamps in my passport... the implication being hm, is she ever going to leave finland... and i suppose it didn't help matters that i only had a plane ticket IN to the country and i had no return flight planned. yet. but he let me in after he found a fainted exit stamp from italy. ... read more
Frozen in ice
Frozen Lake

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki March 24th 2006

Weeee! I'm in a winter wonder land! Helsinki, to be exact, and it is so cool here. Literally, like it's 100 degrees cooler than Bangkok (Fahrenheit scale). I love it. In Celcius it's somewhere between -4 and 3 but it doesn't really feel that cold. I spent most of yesterday settling in and orienting myself. I'm staying with my friend Vesa (which means sapling in Finnish) in Itäkeskus -- which I can now pronounce! Like a pro! More later when I get to a real internet cafe. Right now I am at the public library. I created an account here yesterday and now I am a card carrying member of the Helsinki metropolitan (sp) public libraries. ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Upinniemi March 5th 2006

ATTENTION: Sorry again about the extra emails. No, I am not in South America. Just cleaning up some of my old blogs and unfortunately it's way too much effort to not send those emails. Read them if you want...... or don't. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me, sent messages and left comments. It's good to know that people are actually reading my blogs and I'm not wasting my time, spending hours writing them and posting pictures. It's also good to have a bunch of emails in the Inbox after lining up forever (in my free time) to get a computer at the Sotku. I've been getting lots of "sounds like your having a great time" etc. Thanks, but let's get one thing straight right now. This is the military! I'd like to be able to ... read more
Me and my AK-47 (err.... RK-62)
All layed out, ready to go.
The Range

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 26th 2006

Arrived at Helsinki Airport at 6am and had to kill 2 hours before catching a flight to Copenhagen. It was freezing outside and we were definately the only ones in t-shirts. So glad I didn't wear my flip flops! The airport was really busy but increadibly quiet. It almost felt like we had walked in on someones funeral. Everyone dressed in black, walking very slowly and speaking in whispers. Went to a coffee shop and had some great rolls with jam and whipped cream and hung out in the 'light therapy' waiting room.... read more
Picture 2
Picture 3

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Upinniemi January 29th 2006

I'm really not sure how to start writing this journal. Right now I'm in Finland, and due to my Finnish citizenship, doing 6 or so months National Service in the Finnish Navy. Yeah, I know, it sounds kind of random if I hadn't told you already. So yeah, I got here about 3 weeks ago. The trip took about 50 hours, I had to stay overnight in Darwin on the way, such a pain. I also managed to pick up a stomach bug and a case of diarrhea on the way though, I think it was from some water at Bangkok airport, but you never know. I spent the weekend at a friend's house in Riihimäki, about an hour drive north of Helsinki. It was great to have somewhere to recover and people that I knew ... read more
Elke's Hostel - Darwin
The local winter rally.
Toinen Kompponia

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki January 23rd 2006

Well, I've 'done' Finland, Aland Island and Sweden now, bringing the all time total visited to 78. Helsinki was absolutely 'Baltic', if you'll excuse the use of the word as an adjective. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer shocking blast of cold air as it freezes your nostrils when walking out of the airport entrance into -26 deg C! The Finnair bus from the airport to the railway station is cheap and quick (~5.50 euros - 30 minutes). If you want to go to the ferry terminals at the harbour a taxi from the railway station is also cheap (~7 Euros). The ferry trip from Helsinki to Stockholm on MV Gabriella was also cheap and was a real booze cruise. The fare for me was only about 150 euros for a double cabin and included ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki January 18th 2006

Noin, ilman suurempia kommelluksia pääsin jo Helsinki-Vantaalle asti. Vasta täällä saanut nyt ensimmäisiä rauhoittumisen ja pysähtymisen hetkiä, viime viikot ja päivät suhahti ohi kyllä samanlaisessa hujauksessa, kuin ensimmäinen kulaus aamun stressioluesta.. Huh, nyt kun vähän on jo aikaa miettiä, millainen hyppy tuntemattomaan tämä valinta tässä vaiheessa onkaan, iski pientä (tervettä) stressiä ja pelkoa tulevasta. Ja toisaalla mielen käsittelykyvyn tilasta taistelee myös vapauden, muutoksen ilon ja hyvän ajan odotuksen tunteet, joten hieman pyörällään päästä ollaan tässä vaiheessa. Tai sitten se onkin vain pelkkä väsymys aikaisesta herätyksestä. Ensimmäinen asia mikä tuli nyt heti alussa opittua itsestään on se, että kirjoittaminen on kyllä yllättävän hidasta ja työlästä, kun ei muutamaan vuoteen ole pahemmin tullut harjoiteltua, e... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki December 21st 2005

Dec 21, 2005 Helsinki temp: -13C to -4C Winter solstice… it all gets brighter from here on in. Helsinki was COLD and it flurried a wee bit on the last day which pleased me! I spent the first day walking around the city with the highlight being Suomenlinna. Suomenlinna is an island fortress that also now houses approximately 800 Helsinki residents. One needs to take a 15 minute ferry to access the islands which are pedestrian friendly, quite interesting and lovely. As you can see from the photos it was a very frosty day as the temperature hovered around -11C. It was beautifully serene and quiet as there were less than 2 dozen tourists milling about the islands. I can imagine it being packed in the summer and it was nice to have the place to ... read more
Suomellina Island Fortress
Cold Canons

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki September 12th 2005

Hi All.. So Helsinki.. the ferry ride was a lot of fun.. There were these 6 or 7 guys all wearing blond wigs, 3 of them were in Superman costumes and I mean full on superman costumes.. never did find out what that was all about.. maybe a stag. The ferry is just a big party.. met 2 guys named Hake.. they were hilarious.. Helsinki is a lot like Stockholm as it is a city on serveral islands. I went to all the usual tourist places.. catherdrals, museums, squares. There is a market every day selling a little bit of everything. The market was a great place to try a little bit of the local cuisine without committing to a huge reindeer steak or something.. haha My favorite place was an Island Fortress called Suomenlinna. Its ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki August 17th 2005

to Finland Неужели в Финлядии нет народу! Такое чувство я испытывал впервые увидел Хельсинки. Все чисто, спокойно, как будьто люди в этом городе не живут. หลายคนเคยเล่าให้ฟังเรื่องฟินแลนด์ เงียบสงบ คนน้อย บางคนถึงขั้นพูดว่า "ถ้าแกไม่ไปฟินแลนด์ แกก้อไม่พลาดอะไรในชีวิตไปหรอกนะ" แต่หลังจากได้ไปเห็นมากับตาตัวเอง ก้อเห็นด้วยที่ว่า คนน้อย สงบ แต่ขาดอะไรในชีวิตไปแน... read more
tram of Helsinki
church of Turku
citizen of Finland

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