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Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 21st 2006

The flight across Japan, Mongolia and Siberia en route to Helsinki.... read more
Day  15   Japan to Finland
Day  15   Japan to Finland
Day  15   Japan to Finland

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 7th 2006

Hi all Feeling a bit sorry for myself I sent last night utting on aftersun and reading more travel guide. Got through most of the Info on cambodia, cant wait to get there. This morning finally managed to get up for morning sauna, up on the seventh floor of the hostel. Basically like your average UK suana but with alot more old naked guys. Fun. First objective of the day was to upload photos which I managed to do for free at a hotel near my hostle. Score, havn't paid for the internet yet. Then I headed to Stockman, the John Lewis of Helsinki to buy a hat. Mission two complete. So full of cheap hostel breakfast buffet I took another ferry out to the Somuelina Sea Fortress. Stinging out on the walking guide proved a ... read more
The Cannons
Hessburger. (Now that's a tasty burger)

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 6th 2006

Hi all. Looks like I´m gonna be putting my entries in late afternoon, so tadays will include last night and so on. A little complicated but I'm sure you get the picture. With that in mind, last night was awsome. I returned to my room to find I now had a decent room mate; an old Finish guy called Emile who had come to Helsinki from northern Finland to play in a Chess Tournament. When I came in he was practicing a with his woden board, so after introducing my self I challenged him to a couple of games. Needles to say I was slaughtered. Both times he had me beat in less than 20 mins despite letting me retake every other move saying 'I think manybe this is not so good´. Leaving Emile I decided ... read more
The Great Bear
Seals in the Sun

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 5th 2006

Hi Have just spotted that the tourist centre here as free internet so I thought id put in my fist entry from Finland, although the comp doesnt have USB so will have to add photos another time. Flight and transfer were fine, apart from having my name called out across the whole of stansted airport. I thought 8.55 ment boarding not take off. Woops! Other than that my ability to carry my pack was tested by a 45 min walk around Helsinki looking for a hostel, which I have now settled into. Spent the rest of the afternoon walking round the harbour market and trying Finish snack food (most of which seems to consist of salted fish and rye bread) Today I had to sort a new battery for my camera but after that I visted ... read more
Helsinki Cathedral
The Harbour
Finish Flag

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki May 1st 2006

Hello our dedicated readers!!!! We have a buttload of stuff to tell you guys!! I don't know what's going to happen when we aren't able to access the interweb two days in a row!!! This is a great way for us to tell you what we're up to but also for us to remember all the crazy shit we've done! We haven't actually done anything that crazy, Sonja's Mom. OK let's begin. Yesterday was Sunday, we slept in that was nice. It was pre-May Day which in Finland means drink your face off starting really early in the morning. The parks are packed with people and it's prefectly acceptable to walk around with your case of beer!!! So that's what Sonja did! (kidding Sonja's Mom!) Although we did meet some rowdy boys who made us drink ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 30th 2006

bonrino everybody! Andy and I went on a city tour yesterday and learned a ton of facts about Finland, including: 1. Helsinki has a population of 500 000 people. 2. 1/10th of Finland lives in Helsinki. 3. There are 200 000 lakes in Finland. 4. "If you can't get it at Stockmanns, YOU DON'T NEED IT" (Stockmanns is a huuuuuuge department store) 5. Kids go to school from ages 7-16. A hot meal is included everyday. 6. There are 20 universities in Finland. 7. The official languages are Finnish and Swedish. Kids have to learn both languages in school, but most also speak English, German and some speak Russian as well. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8. The bear is Finland's national bear (hahahhahahahahhahahah) ANIMAL, JEEEZ. 9. Apparently, Finnish people drink the most coffee of anyone in the world. 10. ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 29th 2006

Our fanbase has been asking some questions about Helsinki, apparently we aren't giving you guys enough details. You just can't get enough of us. My mom asked about the buildings because all I said was that they were cute. They are not modern. There are no highrises which is nice. No buildings only made of glass. Alot of the buildings are attached and aren't more than 10 stories. Also they're painted nice bright colors. We have pictures but haven't found anywhere to upload pictures. The computer at our hotel is a piece, it freezes every second, plus it wouldn't give us access to upload from our camera. Right now we're in a coffee place we're going to try to hook up to camera but have a feeling that that isn't allowed. Everyone that we've met so ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki April 28th 2006

today we woke up and thought "holy CRAP we're in Helsinki!!!!!!" we got in at about 5pm yesterday, we took the bus to the city (because the airport is actually in Vantaa we learned) and then walked until we found our hotel. we were so tired since we hadn't slept for about 30 or so hours. the hotel is small and cute (expect to see the word "cute" alot because it's the only adjective that i know!). it's basically 2 twin beds and a shower. that's cool with us. we went for supper (pizza! how foreign!) and then went to bed...some of us for 12 hours! today we have been wandering around and actually got lost for a little while which surprised us since we're both pretty good at reading maps and generally have a good ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki March 27th 2006

I think I've seen all there is to see in Helsinki. March is probably not the best time for coming to Helsinki b-c most of the touristy things haven't began operating yet. Suppose that has something to do with everything still being covered in snow or ice... I've walked all around the downtown part of Helsinki already and it's probably time to move onto Tallinn (Estonia). My tenative plan is to catch the ferry tomorrow and cross over the gulf of Finland (how come Finland gets to claim it, how come it's not called the gulf of Estonia??) The only snag right now is I have no idea where I'll be staying! I'm looking at a couple of hostels for approx $30/night, but I'm holding out hope that Vesa can dig someone up for me in ... read more

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki March 26th 2006

Arrived into Helsinki at 10am and walked for miles to check into Eurohostel (or EuroHospital as Thomas called it, for its remarking resemblance to an institution for the mentally unstable!) as the Silja line ferry terminal is on the wrong side of the harbour for the hostel. Bags are getting heavier by the day! Went out to Suomenlinna, an old Fortress built on islands off Helsinki, built to be impregnable but was handed over to the Russians without a fight. Wandered around the city (as Turku was the capital for most of hundreds of years, there aren't that many historical buildings in Helsinki) and made it out to the Olympic Stadium of 1952. Had to leg it to the ferry terminal (the OTHER one, which was 2km away!) to make our ferry to Tallinn. Barely made ... read more
Occupational Hazards
Boat to Helsinki
Promenade of Fame

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