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December 6th 2007
Published: December 12th 2007
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Leena and EmmaLeena and EmmaLeena and Emma

tosi ihana! love them!
So I finally got some sleep last night! WOO HOO! I woke up today at 10, and showered and dressed up a bit, then Marru drove me to the Raisio Kaupunkitalo (city hall) where my orchestra performed for the veterans! We played the national anthem twice, then Laika Palaa, a beautiful finnish song! When we were finished Eija picked me up and we stopped by her house for some Glogi (amazing hot christmas drink), and to talk about Rotary business. She hurried me home by 2:15, and I changed into my red dress that I brought from home (Emma decided I would HAVE to wear it tonight). At 3 Marru, Henkka, and I crossed the fence to the Ahti's house for Emma's GRADUATION PARTY!!! I met Lotta's mother (she's an english teacher), and more of the neighbors. I tried my finnish with Mummi and Ukki Ahti (Erkki's parents) and toasted to Emma! I played my clarinet for everyone, then tried to servive the finnish at the party! (such hard work! haha!). Leena had spent the last three days cooking until 2am and it showed, the table was COVERED in FINLAND...well finnish food, from Reindeer and Fish Egg sandwiches to Meatballs, and
Emma and IEmma and IEmma and I

sisko! sisters!
fish cakes! It was insane! Leena made me try a little bit of everything! (like you mommy! i loved it!) I was very brave! Anyway Henkka and I came back home at 6:30 and watched Linnan Juhlat, an independance day thing where ALL famous people and veterans wear FANCY clothes and shake hands with the president on their way into the ballroom...all finns watch this every year to see the fancy clothes....its like a red carpet event. After Kimi Raikonen came I went to sleep!!!!

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National AnthemNational Anthem
National Anthem

Maamme Laulu

my clarinet buddy in orchestra!
Our AudienceOur Audience
Our Audience

veterans below!
Emma and Leena!Emma and Leena!
Emma and Leena!

They know me best in Finland!
Emma and TapioEmma and Tapio
Emma and Tapio

tosi sopo!

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