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December 5th 2007
Published: December 12th 2007
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So I woke up today at 7 after 1 hour of sleep, dressed, and walked to school. Of course if it was any normal school day I would have slept the entire day and skipped school, but today was the school musical, and I am in it, so I had to go. I got to school by 9 and met up with Maiju and the rest of the cast in the gym. The gym was decorated for Independance day (tomorrow). Everyone was dressed very nicely since in Finland independance day is also honored the day before, in schools, since there is no schoon on independance day itself. We practiced a few parts, then did a run through. Maiju and I went to lunch next, and when we returned the gym was becoming full of formally dressed students, teachers, and the public. Maiju and I were dressed in our business suit costumes, and we spotted the boys walking in clad in their suave suits; they looked very handsome! After everyone was seated all the cast went backstage where we waited for a local guy from town, a few teachers, and Tony (mahoney) to finish their speeches. Mari sang a famous nightwish song

congrats girly! love you!!
beautifully, then we were on. The play started out in ancient times when Vainamoinen (character from the kalevala) and this other guy fighting...then they got thrown into the present time where they were attacked by the "Fab 5" because they were still dressed in their old ugly clothes, then sent into the Big Brother house! I was an American reporter visiting the Big Brother House Party to interview the "inhabitants". It was a lot of fun, I had a small line in finnish, then the rest was me being overly excited "like all American reporters". (or so the Finns think). We also performed many songs, three in finnish, I sang in two then played the clarinet in the other, then the YMCA, which was in english, and so much fun to sing! I had a really fun time, and Leena and Emma and of course Henkka (he was in school) were all there to watch! Emma and Leena dropped me off at home at 2, and I finally got some rest time, which I spent opening my packages from the Collage board (my SAT study guide) and my birthday/Christmas present from the Lampasi's!!! Henkka came home and we hung out

graduating first! A is for AHTI!
for a while, (39 hours awake), then at 4 I got dressed up and went with Erkki, Leena, Emma, and Tapsa to Raisio Lukio (Raisio School) where we attended Emma's GRADUATION!!!! It was very nice and small, 27 graduates total, and lots of roses! After we went back to Leena's and drank some champane and ate reindeer on toast! ONNEA EMMA!!!

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Host ParentsHost Parents
Host Parents

yes. this would be my amazing host parents
Emma and TapsaEmma and Tapsa
Emma and Tapsa

yay! graduate!
Erkki and LeenaErkki and Leena
Erkki and Leena

being excited to see Emma's Deploma!
The ReindeerThe Reindeer
The Reindeer


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