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September 27th 2007
Published: September 27th 2007
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Eija and I!!!!Eija and I!!!!Eija and I!!!!

she rocks.
Well this journal entry is a little late but i didnt want to write about my first Rotary meeting until the pictures were sent to me! So a few Wednesday's ago Eija (my counsler) and her husband picked me up and drove me down to the harbor to a restaurant called WHAT? I was sporting a nice gray skirt and my lovely, pin covered, navy blue Rotary blazer. I had my laptop case over my arm and a stack of business cards in my pocket; i was ready to go. I walked into the restaurant and was greeted by at least 35 men. I was in shock. Yes, my Rotary club down here is a mens only association. Eija isn't even technically part of Rotary, she is just married to a Rotarian and she worked for AFS for 20 years so she was the perfect canidate to become my counsler! So basically...I am the ONLY woman in my entire Rotary club! Personally, I think that's CRAZY, but its an old fashioned thing here. I met our president and many others including the principal of the junior high attached to Naantali Lukio (my school). I found my seat next to Eija and
All the MEN!All the MEN!All the MEN!

Rotary. Naantali.
we were served some very tasty breaded chicken as our president began to lecture in finnish. He introduced Eija and I and we stood for applause. Then Ossi (my Youth Exchange Officer (YEO)) helped me set up the projector and i gave my New Mexico and Me presentation, for the 18 time!!! I was asked many questions at the end and everyone said I had a very informative presentation. Now that everyone has seen my slide called "Foods of New Mexico" they are planning a New Mexico evening for some time in May!!! They had a drawing for a nice bottle of wine then we got up to leave. I gave out almost all my business cards, shook hands with a few tipsy Rotarians and that was that. Rotary Meeting #1. Attack and Conquer.

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ahh i see...ahh i see...
ahh i see...

haha look at that Rotarian in the upper left hand corner... :)

27th September 2007

Hey Steph, Time to set a new goal, by the time you go to Rotary again you can speak mostly Finnish...? Very cool! Hugs, Michelle
29th September 2007

You must have been a hit at the meeting!!!
How many of them actually had a clue as to where NM was???

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