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February 22nd 2009
Published: March 3rd 2009
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The Breakfast SpreadThe Breakfast SpreadThe Breakfast Spread

Sorry, the runny eggs weren't out yet. I'll get a picture someday.
Ah, another lazy Sunday. I had breakfast at the hotel, skipped the eggs though. I still need to experiment with them in the microwave. Other option is that the table where Dave and I usually sit has an electrical outlet near it so I could buy a hotplate and a skillet and just make my own eggs there. I did find out that the eggs are baked. They just crack a bunch of eggs into a big pan, add a little milk, salt and pepper and then throw them in the oven for not near long enough. I'm told it's very standard fare for Finnish hotel breakfasts, but not necessarily elsewhere. Liz says she loves these kind of eggs; more power to you! They're all you can eat so have your fill when you come visit 😊

Anyway, after breakfast I did a lot of catching up on mail n' such in the room. Many thanks to Keith for being my mail bitch and keeping track of my place while I'm gone. I reviewed the mail that he'd scanned and emailed me, paid a few bills and wandered out for a long walk. Skipped the movie again, pondered renting one
Chicken BasketChicken BasketChicken Basket

Hard and soft boiled eggs are served in these lovely chicken-shaped baskets. I think the hole for getting the eggs could be positioned more realistically though.
and getting takeaway, but ended up at a Mexican place that Jussi had recommended, Gringos Locos. It's hidden away in a little atrium between some old buildings, actually just behind the building you see in the Clinton picture from yesterday.

I had a bit of a scuffle with the staff because I wanted to sit at the bar, but they said they're a table service restaurant, why not get a table. So at their request I left the barstools empty. That's just wierd. At my table I ordered a margarita. It was nice to see that there's no premade mix here, add some ice to the shaker, some tequila, some triple sec, lime and shake... Excellent margarita! Oh, get this... I had a grilled goat cheese salad, Mexicanized of course. The goat cheese was cradled in a toasted tortilla and the salad had a cilantro dressing with some hot chilis garnishing. It was exquisite, yes... I know that's a stretch for a place named Gringos Locos, but this gringo loco thinks the salad was marvelous. My main course was a garlic beef burrito, well two of them actually. They were quite tasty, very spicy and the closest thing I've had to Mexican food since being back in the States.

I was reminded later that the Mexican food is different here, being that they don't actually have many Mexicans. Good point. Stopped and got some Lonkero and a couple ciders for the room on the way home and then hit the hay. G'nite.


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