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February 21st 2009
Published: March 3rd 2009
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Bill ClintonBill ClintonBill Clinton

Notice he is waving at the young ladies.
I lounged around this morning. Just drank coffee, watched TV and surfed the net. Eventually called Dave a little after noon to see if he wanted to get breakfast. We decided to venture to the American Diner so Dave could have his fix for real eggs. I think he was just as happy to have something familiar as I was.

After breakfast we found a media museum nearby. It was very interesting. It tracked the history of media technology from the first written forms of language to digital and HD TV. A large section of the museum was dedicated to journalism. In this section I spotted some photos of President Bill Clinton's trip to Tampere, who knew? I know exactly where he was too, I've been there myself. And get this... He was waving at young ladies sitting outside at a cafe. Coincidence or do the Finns have the same image of him that we do? Another interesting thing to note is how far ahead of us the Finns have been with cellular technology. Nokia, a Finnish company, put the first fully automated cell phone network online in the early 80's. I think we were a good decade behind this,
Plevna BreweryPlevna BreweryPlevna Brewery

I had a pic with me in it, but in this one you can see beer and busty waitress ;)
but I'm not for sure.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. After another long walk, exploring some new shopping centers, etc. I headed to a movie theater, thinking it might be nice to catch a movie. The only thing worth seeing that was starting soon was Bolt, but it was the dubbed version, not in English. Vaaleanpunainen Pantteri 2 (Pink Panther 2) was playing, but later and I didn't want to wait. So instead I headed to Plevna, a local brewery. The beer was impeccable and they had enough variety to meet any taste. The food was what I'd call German themed, mostly sausages and potatoes. So I settled with their staple sausage basket. Perfect match to the beer.

A quick stop at Celtic House for another beer and I headed home for an early night.

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Exploring TampereExploring Tampere
Exploring Tampere

Just a random picture from my long walk around town. It may be cold, but I think Tampere offers some good scenery even in town.

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