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February 16th 2009
Published: March 1st 2009
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Hallin JanneHallin JanneHallin Janne

Murder someone and you may get a town and restaurant too.
The Finns have a great sense of humor: I was giving one of the guys at work a hard time because A4 paper doesn't fit in my letter-size notebook. We had a fun conversation about who screwed up the paper, did America shrink it or did Europe lengthen it? Who knows. Anyway, he gave me some documents I'd asked for and had cut the tops of the paper off so they'd fit in my notebook. Granted it cut off some of the info I need, but he said you can't have everything, haha. Good stuff.

We snuck out early for lunch and went to pay my speeding ticket. Another Finn with a good sense of humor: I get to the bank, show the teller my ticket and ask her if she can pay it for me. She says, "Of course, with your money!" Nice! So I get the thing paid, plus a 4 euro fee for them to wire the money or something. Anyway, I'm good with the Finnish police... For now.

Since we were already out of the office we decided to eat at the local restaurant, Ravintola Hallin Janne. Apparently the town of Halli, where we are working, is named after a local murderer, Janne Hallin. Sometime in the mid to late 1800's, Janne, a petty criminal for most of his life, murdered a postal carrier when trying to steal the money he was transporting. He was banished to Siberia for the crime. Rumor has it though that he never made it to Siberia. Instead, escaping with a group of gypsies and eventually ending up in Duluth Minnesota. Who knew? Anyway, typical bar food plus a buffet, scary locals and Bob Marley music. Unique to say the least, with a good view of the local lake.

After a mooseless drive home I caught up on bills n' such on the computer and just ordered room service. The restaurant at the hotel never fails... Grilled goat cheese salad with wild mushroom and bacon pasta. Excellent as usual!


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