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November 12th 2011
Published: April 25th 2012
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Copenhagen #1Copenhagen #1Copenhagen #1

The centre
For my final European trip (for now), Clay, Kim, Meg and I headed off for a short weekend away in Copenhagen, or as Kim preferred to call it, (use the Borat voice) Copen High Five! Yes, she is South African. It's not her fault. Our trip started with an ultra red eye flight on the Saturday morning. Yes, we planned it this way as we knew we would all have been out partying on the Friday night to the early hours of the morning. We turned up to the airport half delirious with lack of sleep and over the weekend we only got worse!

We landed in Copenhagen and just managed to avoid the wrong train that would have taken us to Sweden. Thankfully we eventually made it into the centre via a fantastic bakery and found our accommodation. We dumped our bags in our room and refused to make eye contact with our tempting beds as we rugged up and headed out to explore. We wandered down the main touristy street to the main square before we circled around and walked along Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard to the Tivoli Gardens.

The Tivoli Gardens were a mixture of theme
Fairy Tale StreetFairy Tale StreetFairy Tale Street

Knew they were famous for something else other than pastries...
park and winter wonderland, with one of the huge highlights being the mulled wine - mostly for the heat. We wandered around taking photos before deciding to go on one ride. Kim and I chose the 'scary' swinging ride as Clay and Meg wimped out for the roller coaster. Though I may have been lucky here as I did feel drops of liquid on me as the ride flew around which turned out to be Kims' tears of terror. She maintains it was the cold, but her hysterical screaming tells another story. If Clay and Meg joined us on the ride, who knows what could have been flying at me?!

After a dinner we walked halfway across the city for, we met up with Leo, Mark and Dingers for a few drinks at their hostel before heading back to ours where the bar was still open. We tried a mixture of shots that tasted like cough syrup but managed to keep us going before we went to explore the Danish nightlife. We found a few cool bars and eventually called it a night when the bars shut around 4 am. More fuel for our lack of sleep delirium!
Tivoli Gardens #1Tivoli Gardens #1Tivoli Gardens #1

The entrance

In the morning, we met up with Leo and the others again for a walking tour and we were the worst tourists ever. We ranged from barely able to move and dragging our legs to hyperactive mischief as we wandered around and although there was plenty of cool and interesting stuff to see, we barely paid any attention. Again one of our highlights was when we stopped for mulled wine.

After the tour Leo and her friends left to catch their flight back to London and Clay, Kim, Meg and I went for lunch at a very typical Danish restaurant and it was delicious! Though none of us were brave enough to try the herring - salted fish. We then doubled back to see the famous 'Little Mermaid' statue and took a few photos before we explored Kastellet, a picturesque fort on the water's edge. It was perfectly still as the sun set and we all got some pretty cool photos before we made our way back to the hostel to pick up our bags and head to the airport. By the time we got back to London, we were well on the other side of exhausted and the
Tivoli Gardens #2Tivoli Gardens #2Tivoli Gardens #2

The Christmas like walkways
few hours of sleep was not enough!

Additional photos below
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Tivoli Gardens #3Tivoli Gardens #3
Tivoli Gardens #3

Cool building #1
Tivoli Gardens #4Tivoli Gardens #4
Tivoli Gardens #4

Cool building #2
Tivoli Gardens #5Tivoli Gardens #5
Tivoli Gardens #5

Cool building #3
Copenhagen #2Copenhagen #2
Copenhagen #2

The streets
Copenhagen #3Copenhagen #3
Copenhagen #3

The river
Copenhagen #4Copenhagen #4
Copenhagen #4

Kim, Leo and Clay, cold and a bit bored on the walking tour!
Copenhagen #5Copenhagen #5
Copenhagen #5

On the walking tour
Copenhagen #6Copenhagen #6
Copenhagen #6

More cool colourful buildings
Copenhagen #7Copenhagen #7
Copenhagen #7

The postcard shot
Copenhagen #8Copenhagen #8
Copenhagen #8

Leo posing
Copenhagen #9Copenhagen #9
Copenhagen #9

Leo retarded
Copenhagen #10Copenhagen #10
Copenhagen #10

Sunset behind a church
Little Mermaid #1Little Mermaid #1
Little Mermaid #1

We finally found her!
Little Mermaid #2Little Mermaid #2
Little Mermaid #2

Contemplating the sea. We agree with her that it was too cold to get in.
Copenhagen #11Copenhagen #11
Copenhagen #11

Gorgeous sunset
Copenhagen #12Copenhagen #12
Copenhagen #12

Gorgeous sunset
Copenhagen #13Copenhagen #13
Copenhagen #13

Gorgeous sunset
Copenhagen #14Copenhagen #14
Copenhagen #14

Gorgeous sunset

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