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July 13th 2009
Published: July 13th 2009
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So...Copenhagen has quickly risen in the ranks to one of my favourite places!

First, the train from Munich to Hamburg took most of the day, and the German announcer was greatly apologetic that the train was running 3 minutes late. Such is German punctuality...but, considering I had only 5 minutes to make my train from Hamburg to Copenhagen, much appreciated.

What no one told me when I booked the train, of course, is that the train boards a ferry for the final leg between Germany and Denmark. So we all got out and shuffled into the ferry, where they were more than happy to sell us the usual Duty-Free tripe. Hey, if the Scotch was actually any cheaper than back home, then of course I'd buy some...but it's not.

I sat with a group of 10 French students taking a holiday up north, so it was fun talking to them a bit. Some of them didn't get on the train on time when we pulled off the ferry, and we all thought for a second, as the train sped away from the dock, that they might not make it back on at all. Luckily the Germans were sympathetic, after making them run for a quarter mile or so.

Copenhagen is amazing. By the time I got to the hostel late Saturday night, I was exhausted, but exploring on Sunday morning it felt like I had the whole city to myself. The hostel was really cool, a bar down on the ground level to hang out with people, a laundry room (much appreciated), and 14 floors of rooms...totally booked. Glad I booked ahead...honestly, how did I travel before the internet??

Today (Monday) was really busy in the City. It reminds me quite a bit of Fort Collins, it seems more people bike than drive in town and everyone is really friendly. I had plenty of company this morning when I went for a run, the city seems really healthy. I even stopped into the Danish equivalent of REI to pick up some hiking shoes for Norway.

Only downside to Copenhagen: *expensive*. Really, really expensive. Norway will be even worse. But, as long as you know this going in, there's no surprises! But compared with everywhere I've been so far on this trip, the hemmoraging of money is a bit disconcerting here in Northern Europe.

Nevertheless I was sad to leave Kopenhavn behind as the ferry pulled away from dock a few hours ago. At the same time, though, tomorrow morning we'll be in the Oslofjord heading towards my next destination!

Work in 2 weeks will seem a bit unreal, I'm afraid. -steve g

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Fun With Danish

Sorry...I couldn't resist posting this.

14th July 2009

Its really amazing photos... thanks for sharing.. ___________________ Andrew The Best PRICE for the BEST ENTERTAINMENT
14th July 2009

Thanks for sharing great pics
Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing your experience. Yes, Copenhagen offers lots of things to experience. It's a shame that you did not experience (or might have on Sunday), the bustling city of CPH on Friday right by NyHavn with some Jazz music and breeze by the water ... usually lot's of people including tourists gathering after work/long day of exploration .. nice and friendly atmosphere. Yes, Copenhagen is generally expensive but as long as you prepare yourself for that it should be fine especially if you are here for a short stay. I love your pictures .. the last one made me laugh and actually remember a story back when my American friend just for the first time came to Denmark and while driving on the highway she noticed a road sign that said "Max fart 70" ... assuming it had to mean something more meaningful she was really amused and made a joke out of it and then of course we laughed a lot. Well .. that funny Danish language ;)
16th July 2009

Are all Danes such beautiful people? I haven't been there, but the 3 I know personally are exceptionally beautiful. Any my advice is: don't think about going back to work when you're in such interesting places. Look at it as two more weeks full of adventures!

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